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    14 NOVEMBER 2022
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    RED-EYE interviews the artistic duo SUPERNOVA

    Here comes a SUPERNOVA, that shines through the collision of The Sick Oscillator Boy and Jacopo Gennari, the directors duo who blur the line between fashion and art in a unique visual dialogue. As they release mind-twisting works, we at RED-EYE decided to interview them to find out more about their raw creativity, deep knowledge of the digital media and experimental algorithms.

    "Especially interesting is the work we did in the last campaign, because we used artificial intelligence. This is really in our opinion a medium that can really give you something more than normal, because it is super fascinating to give the computer or a machine the ability to modify the algorithms of an image or create videos that we have never really filmed. It is a new language that we want to explore more and more." SUPERNOVA

    "FERRARI is actually the first project we did together and it's all based on 3D LiDAR, hence the scans via iPhone. The subject is an avatar, we put it in a 3D world and we reworked it by doing some disintegration and aggregation effects. The really intriguing thing is that we did it with a very tight deadline. We had to work very quickly with no time to prepare." SUPERNOVA

    "When it comes to technology, it is important to point out the possibilities that even a simple iPhone can give you. You can build a very complicated situation like an avatar in just 2 minutes. So in this project we used the iPhone X for a very fast, almost live thing. That is, we do not want to carry out standard work, but we want to look for different ways to get it done. It's interesting to discover a new visual language to make our work unique and recognisable. Of course, nowadays technology is crucial, as well as understanding which tools to use and how to use them is fundamental. We like to always be very on-the-spot with new technologies." SUPERNOVA

    "Talking about AI, the transition is just the path. When you receive an input, you give an input, I receive the input back, so that is what you bring in. It has the variables of the coexistence of your thinking and it becomes a conversation, an exchange. There I think it can be interesting, as a possible development. Yes, because it becomes a co-creaction. Also because there is a recognition and respect towards of what the algorithm is as well." SUPERNOVA