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  • Chiara Amico

    Chiara Amico

    3D Artist

    She was born and raised in Palermo, a city full of culture, art, and history. That's probably why she believes that knowledge is like a "journey" where she can always discover something new and captivating, and perhaps, discover more about herself.

    She has always lived amidst an organized chaos, where entropy forms the foundation of her universe and the Universe itself.
    Cinema, photography, poetry, art, and music are all passions that inspire her work. Through her creations, she constantly explores new aspects of herself and uncovers fractal pieces of existence.
    She graduated in Fashion Design from the Academy of Fine Arts in her hometown and obtained an MA in Fashion and Textile Design at NABA. Her education has allowed her to enhance her skills and expand her knowledge, for which she is truly grateful.

    She is always seeking a different kind of beauty through communication with her soul and the souls of others.