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  • Danieleverse


    Editorial Director

    Born in Italy and based in London, Danieleverse -They/Them- is a digital curator and 360 degree communicator with a strong enthusiasm for innovation and a keen eye for digital fashion and creativity across all realms.

    The name Danieleverse was coined after their active interest and participation in directing the new generation of Web 3 talents and the Metaverse creative sphere as Head of Community and PR of the digital native luxury house Auroboros and Digital Editor and Curator at RED-EYE.

    While at London College of Fashion, Danieleverse progressively elevated in the Fashion and Creative industry by covering positions in the luxury & communication landscapes for top tier names of the likes of Dior, Richard Quinn, GayTimes and London Fashion Week.
    With a prosperous network across the Creative, Entertainment and Tech industries, together with their partner Metafari, the duo firmly operate in the digital fashion and creative scene by hosting panels talks, interviews and public events sharing knowledge and awareness on innovation, sustainability and Web3 culture.

    Danieleverse is an incredibly passionate and talented individual that finds inspiration in avant-garde aesthetics and aims to decode the frontiers between IRL and URL worlds. They are always on the lookout for new and innovative ideas to keep the scene fresh and expanding the public understanding on the infinite possibilities of digital technologies.