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    08 DECEMBER 2022
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    Artist’s spotlight – Garlica Princess


    Cacien aka Garlica Princess is an artist with the sweetest voice, who lives between China and US. She is an author and singer of such lyrics as, “Drеssing sassy hearing people talking shit bout my zhuangban (look),” and “What I wear is really none of your business.” With a bright style and 3D music videos, Cacien is setting virtual trends of today!



    Cacien , we are happy to have you as a hero at our interview and spread your personal story to the Red-Eye audience. And we can’t avoid asking about your nickname, why did you choose to be Garlica Princess?

    I love garlic. It’s a very controversial herb. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Interestingly, the people who love garlic fall deeply in love with it. Garlic resembles my personality and how people perceive me as a public figure. That’s why I chose my aka to be Garlica Princess. 


    From when you started to discover your interest in fashion and how did that lead to creating your own style?

    My love for fashion equals that for music. fashion and music equally influences each other. And I guess it’s just experiences and instinct that lead me to create my own style. It comes through time. 




    How and when did your meeting with digital fashion happen?

    Hmmm, I guess it’s the beginning of this year. Tribute brand reached out to me and offered to gift me a digital dress. I was like “why not.” And so my story with digital fashion begins. 


    What was your most viral post with a 3D garment?

    It’s probably the most recent one where I did a collaboration with Zero10. 



    What are your top 3 favorite digital brands, who would you like to wear?

    Yimeng Yu is one of my favourite digital brands. I’d like to wear dresses that are super corky and dramatic. Pink is also an important factor to be considered. 


    What is your vision for digital fashion in 5 years?

    It will grow tremendously!


    You have been integrating 3D in all your last video clips, can you secretly share with us some of your ideas for your future work with digital fashion in music career?

    If wearing digital fashion in all of my music videos can happens, I will do that. 



    Among our readers, we have many digital designers. How could they approach you for collaboration and what would be your selection criteria? 

    Just simply slide into my DMs!! Haha, I don’t have selection criteria. I am very open-minded. 


    What would your perfect “Look of the day” in Metaverse be like? 

    My “look of the day” always changes with my mood. So…I can’t really come up with one. 





    interview by @zarina_izy