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    12 JUNE 2023
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    Beauty Meets Virtuality! Experience the Unprecedented at the First Metaverse Beauty Week

    Step into a world where imagination transcends boundaries, where reality intertwines with virtual realms, and where beauty takes on an entirely new dimension. Welcome to the extraordinary celebration of the very first Metaverse Beauty Week pioneered by the creative agency CULT! From the 12th to the 17th of June prepare to embark on an unprecedented journey that blurs the lines between physical and digital, as this groundbreaking event brings together the beauty industry's leading partners and the most innovative artists from the beauty, metaverse and artistic community.

    Imagine a fusion of creativity, technology, and artistry, converging in a mesmerizing cross metaverse experience including Decentraland, Spatial & Roblox. But that's not all; this remarkable showcase of beauty and innovation will also manifest itself in an immersive room right at the heart of London at the infamous immersive venue at Flannels. Yes, you read that correctly! Get ready to enter a space where the tangible and the intangible coalesce, as the Metaverse Beauty Week unveils its wonders in a sensational, Virtual & real-life setting.

    This thrilling convergence of the virtual and the physical is the brainchild of visionaries who understand that beauty knows no bounds. By embracing the metaverse, this week-long extravaganza breaks free from the confines of traditional reality, allowing us to explore uncharted territories of self-expression and aesthetic ingenuity. Here, imagination reigns supreme, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and immersing us in a realm where dreams transform into vibrant realities.

    “As a new festival - and the first across three web3 platforms and IRL - it’s core to our delivery that we are sharing learnings from the experiences so that we can all refine our approaches to web3. We are acutely aware of the mixed responses from brands and press to web3 experiences, which is why we’ve looked to enhance our programme with a rich diversity of talent, accessible experiences and delightful real life experiences so that there are multiple ways for as many people who wish to be involved.” - Bridey Lipscombe, CEO and cofounder of CULT and Metaverse Beauty Week

    But who will be the driving forces behind this groundbreaking event? Prepare to be captivated by the participation of esteemed partners from the beauty industry, whose expertise and innovation have shaped the very notion of what it means to be beautiful. From renowned brands of the likes of Neutrogena, Flannels Beauty, Glossybox and LUSH will be joined by metaverse and digital art leaders including The Fabricant, MetaTokyo, Inés Alpha, Paige Piskin, and Virtual muse NYA, making it an all-star lineup where these collaborators will infuse the Metaverse Beauty Week with their unparalleled expertise, ensuring an experience that is truly awe-inspiring.

    Within the MBW, Cult also partnered with FFFACE.ME to create the world’s biggest Digital Beauty exhibition offline and showcase AR filters by Paige Piskin, Ines Alpha, Wondermilk, and Dematerialized with the help of FFFACE.ME AR Mirrors.

    In details, there will be several headline moments during the festival, most notably AR makeup artist and former GLOW UP judge Paige Piskin - named “Legend of the Metaverse” by VICE will be hosting events across the week, cul-minating in a IRL event at FLANNELS X. She will be joined by fellow beauty AR artist Inés Alpha, who had been pioneering subversive beauty looks with multiple brands from her Paris home. Moreover, Joy Fennell founder of THE FU-TURE IN BLACK and AI and IRL makeup artist will host multiple events for attendees. In addition, Acne Skinfluencer and 2.2m YouTube star Cassandra Bankson will share her journey into the metaverse, including a special virtual drop for fans. Everyone is invited to join web3 futurist Sasha Wallinger to kick off the week with a day touring the spaces in each virtual space.

    An additional special guest has been created for MBW2023 - virtual model and beauty protagonist NYA. Con-ceived with Australian digital artist Serwah Attafuah, NYA embodies the curiosity of our beauty consumer, exploring the metaverse for infinite inspiration. NYA demonstrates interoperability at her core; welcoming guests in Spatial, Decentraland, Roblox and IRL as a wearable AR filter - as well as features as the hero face across MBW.

    “I’m so excited to be part of the Metaverse Beauty Week. Being chosen as a featured artist is not only a personal accolade, but also a significant endorsement of TFIB’s commitment to uplift Black creatives in the fields of AI, AR, 3D, and immersive technologies. Their support, encouragement, and inspiration have been absolutely priceless.” Joy Fennell, founder of THE FUTURE IN BLACK

    So, mark your calendars and prepare to witness the dawn of a new era in beauty. The Metaverse Beauty Week is coming to ignite your senses, blur the lines of reality, and transport you to a realm where innovation and artistry converge. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we unlock the secrets of the metaverse and redefine the very essence of beauty. Discover the full lineup and programme below. See you there Metaverse Beauty Weekers!!

    To have first access to all MBW related events and materials please join the guestlist here or visit

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    Article by @danieleverse