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    22 MAY 2023
    Image by

    Bershka and FFFACE.ME debut the world's first semi-digital clothing collection

    Bershka and FFFACE.ME have joined forces to create an innovative collection dubbed "Wearable Art". The clothing line, now available worldwide, seamlessly fuses traditional materials with Augmented Reality (AR) experiences.

    In few taps, Shoppers and all the fashion savvy can now virtually try on clothes, experiment with various styles, and see how different garments would look on them without the need for physical fittings. With AR, the boundaries of imagination are pushed, making fashion more accessible, dynamic, and awe-inspiring than ever before, and the team at FFFACE.ME is at the forefront of this ever growing fashion evolution.

    The award-winning XR & WEB3 Product House that creates AR Filters & AR Mirrors, Digital Clothing, Virtual Influencers, and Metaverse projects, is a real player in integrating innovations into the brand's marketing and PR communications of the most hype names in the industry including L’Oreal, Prada Beauty, MUGLER, Clarins, Marc Jacobs, Pepsi, with more to come.

    "Back in 2019, FFFACE.ME pioneered the development of clothing designed for content creation - Semi-digital clothing. We merge digital and physical fashion by combining the tane gibility of physical clothing for our physical persona with the ability to create non-trivial content in social media for our online persona. Together with Bershka, this use-case becomes a mainstream, mass-market trend." Kristine, creative produсer of FFFACE.ME, stated.

    The "Wearable Art" collection was presented in the new Bershka store in Lisbon allowing customers to add digital elements to specific physical garments simply by using the Instagram filter, which allows creating original content for social media. Developed by FFFACE.ME, this innovative approach marks a significant breakthrough in the fashion industry.

    To celebrate the launch of this collaboration, an immersive installation was created in the Bershka store. This installation helped to instantly see the digital layer of clothing, additionally, visitors were able to access the experience through Instagram on their mobile devices and watch the garment come to life on their screens.

    The result is a captivating and unique experience for fashion enthusiasts, where garments come to life through interactive animations and dynamic visual effects. The collaboration not only showcases the endless possibilities of AR in fashion but also highlights the potential for self-expression and creativity in the digital realm. Bershka's willingness to embrace this cutting-edge technology demonstrates their commitment to staying ahead of the curve and providing customers with a truly immersive and memorable shopping experience. This collaboration is a testament to the exciting future of fashion and the transformative power of augmented reality.

    The collection is now available worldwide, offering fashion-forward individuals the chance to step into the future of fashion with Bershka and FFFACE.ME's world first semi-digital Semi-digital clothing line.