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    20 SEPTEMBER 2022
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    DIESEL SS23 > backstage

    While we, at RED-EYE, are building a creative landscape for a diverse and democratic Metaverse, DIESEL debuts in front of an audience of nearly 5,000 the DIESEL Democracy collection, whose pillars are denim, utility, pop and play. “I wanted to open Diesel up to the public, for people who may never have been to a fashion show before. They deserve a spectacle, so we’ve broken the record for the biggest inflatable sculpture in the world. It’s what I believe about the fashion and the state of mind - everybody can be part of Diesel,” says Glenn Martens, creative director of Diesel. “Democratic fashion is everything, with experimentation and subversion for every single day."

    Show facts: 

    - Guinness World Records have confirmed that the specially designed set has broken the record for the Largest Inflatable Sculpture.

    - A capacity crowd of 4,800, with over 3,000 members of the public attending for free.

    - When the public tickets went online on 1 September, they were gone in 90 minutes. 

    - 70% of the public tickets went to 18-25 year olds. 

    - As well as the public, 1,600 fashion students from Milan were given free tickets.

    - Also attending are NFT collectors, who received a free ticket with the purchase of their AW22 runway NFTs. 

    - Every single guest to the show will receive a commemorative NFT.

    - The show, which marks the start of Milan Fashion Week, is held at the Allianz Cloud Arena under the patronage of the Municipality of Milan.

    DIESEL SS23 Runway Show Proof of Attendance
    DIESEL SS23 Runway Show Proof of Attendance

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