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  • Date
    31 MAY 2024
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    RADAR Newsletter

    Discover the Best of AI Film: AIFA Awards Winners and Nominees

    Welcome to today's edition of RADAR by RED-EYE, where we celebrate the trailblazing achievements of the AI Film Academy (AIFA) and its inaugural AIFA Awards. As proud media partners, we are thrilled to bring you an in-depth look at the best nominees and winners from this historic event.

    The world witnessed a revolutionary moment in cinematic history as AI filmmakers from across the globe gathered for a red carpet awards gala in Lisbon. The AIFA Awards, held at the prestigious Non Fungible Conference, recognized an extraordinary diversity of stories and a radically new visual language brought to life through artificial intelligence. This event also marked the official launch of the AI Film Academy, a global institution dedicated to fostering groundbreaking creativity through emerging technology. Founded by Clare Maguire and Leo Crane, AIFA empowers aspiring filmmakers and revolutionizes the way film is created, distributed, and monetized.

    Denny the Shark: Best Film

    The evening's highest honor, the AImagine Award for Best Film, went to "Denny the Shark," a dark and captivating tale of a shark in need of a dentist. This film was created by the collaborative duo LeMoon (Melody Bossan from France) and Ethereal Gwirl (Dina Lockamy from the USA), together known as Ethereal Moon.

    LeMoon expressed her joy: “It's amazing how my faded dream of becoming a filmmaker has been brought back to life thanks to AI. I found a creative partner in Ethereal Gwirl, who shares a similar life experience—we were both stay-at-home mothers when we discovered AI art and were immediately hooked.”

    Ethereal Gwirl added: “Transitioning from a stay-at-home mother to creating world-building films with this talented 'stranger' from across the globe, who somehow seems to read my mind, has been a life-changing experience.”

    "Denny the Shark" was one of 13 films selected from an open call across six continents and screened to a full house at the conference on 28 May.


    Artist Laurence Fuller performing 'Big Pink House' By Graphite Method. Photo credit_ Paige Powell


     AIFA Awards: A Confluence of Art, Technology, and Creativity

    The AIFA Awards brought together luminaries from the worlds of film, art, music, and fashion, including Beeple, Vincent D’Onofrio, Randi Zuckerberg, and Claire Silver, alongside leading web3 technologists and entrepreneurs. Over 400 guests graced the red carpet into The Silver Mirror, an immersive cinematic journey by featured artist Fantastic Planet, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening.

    The event featured a showcase of pioneering AI work by the AIFA Jury and screenings of the finalist films. Sponsors Muse Frame, AImagine, SuperRare, and HUG, along with AIFA founders Clare Maguire and Leo Crane, announced the award winners. The evening culminated in a spectacular live performance by singer NOANNE within an immersive AI set, leaving the audience mesmerized.

    Reflections on AI and Creativity

    Jury member Laurence Fuller eloquently captured the spirit of the event: “Technology for me is an instrument. It’s there, it’s inanimate, but when human fingers and ideas pick it up, it takes on a spiritual quality. I believe humans transcend technology in our capacity to feel and think and process the world around us.”


    Host Clare Maguire. Photo Credit Paige Powell


    AIFA Awards 2024: Winners and Finalists

    Here are the winners of the AIFA Awards 2024:

    AIFA Awards 2024 Winners - Best Film: Denny the Shark by Ethereal Moon (Ethereal Gwirl & LeMoon)


    Best Film: Denny the Shark by Ethereal Moon (Ethereal Gwirl & LeMoon)
    Innovation Award: Birthday Story by Rainisto
    Best Narrative: Mind Wank, You are Unfortunately an AI Artist
    Community Award: Bacillus Anthracis by Hallidonto
    Best Visuals: Not a problem. By B O E Y
    Best Soud: AInferno by Mflux


    Finalists included:

    ●  ‘night by arielko

    ●  Space by Ilya Shapko

    ●  Waters of Rebirth by Kiel

    ●  The Tipping Force by Katie Morris

    ●  Black Hole by Ø Studio

    ●  Dream by Ejaneress

    ●  How to Poison Art: A Step by Step Guide by Mindeye

    Featured Artists

    The awards also highlighted the works of featured artists such as Fantastic Planet and Noanne, whose contributions added depth and dimension to the event.


    Singer NOANNE announcing an Award. Photo Credit_ Paige Powell
    Artist OONA with Artist Osinachi. Photo Credit Paige Powell
    Artist OONA with Artist Osinachi. Photo Credit Paige Powell
    Artist GLITCHOFMIND with host Leo Crane. Photo Credit_ Paige Powell


    Looking Ahead

    Works by all 13 finalists, jury members, and featured artists are available to collect in a featured curation on SuperRare. These will be showcased next week at Casa Nua, the first permanent gallery for digital art in Brazil, and subsequently at Sotheby’s Institute of Art as a case study for entrepreneurs. Additional partnerships and exhibitions will be announced in the coming weeks.

    The AI Film Academy and the AIFA Awards have set a new benchmark in the world of digital storytelling, illustrating the immense potential of AI in transforming creative expression. As we celebrate these achievements, we look forward to more innovations and groundbreaking work in the future.

    Stay tuned to RADAR by RED-EYE for more updates on the latest in AI-driven creativity and other exciting developments in the world of digital art and technology.


    AIFA Awards. Photo Credit_ Paige Powell


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    AI-Generated text edited by Gloria Maria Cappelletti, editor in chief, RED-EYE