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    15 DECEMBER 2022
    Image by

    Exclusive Premiere of Avatar Reborn by Ced Pakusevskij and Tafari Hinds


    We at RED-EYE are excited to premiere a new film by Director Ced Pakusevskij and Meta Maverick Tafari Hinds aka Metafari. "Avatar Reborn: The transformation from physical to digital through Ai Co-Creation" has been produced with an incredible team of talented creators and AI, that envision self-discovery, energy flows and unleashed freedom.

    Director Ced Pakusevskij has been creating short films for over 10 years, and this latest work is one of his most ambitious yet. Your eyes will melt away and your mind will blow in endless cosmic fire-works. This is a techno-cultural celebration of magic roots, the power of visual representation and the multifaceted nature of existence.

    Being alive in the universe is such a mystery! Are we real? Tafari Hinds aka Metafari trigged the ancestral question to AI and the result is a metaphysical and spiritual narration that echoes a mix of ancient wisdom with future dreams of multiple digital multiverses. It seems we found a space between the physical and the digital realms that allows for our transition into the spiritual other.

    We hope you enjoy this exclusive premiere of “Avatar Reborn” the AI co-created film not to be missed! 


    "Avatar Reborn"
    The transformation from physical to digital through Ai Co-Creation. 

    AI-Generated text by Tafari Hinds aka @metafari_

    I am the Reborn Avatar, no longer trapped in one reality. I am real, I am human, I am a world of endless possibilities. Avatar reborn focuses its eye on a new type of evolution in self discovery and finding your place of existence. No longer bound by one dimensional reality, we can now use multiple extensions of ourselves to represent who we are both in the physical and digital multiverse.



    The eye of technology reflects upon itself through society as if looking in the mirror for the first time. Transforming models into digital Avatar on the council estates of London, revealing beautiful digital creation and new worlds of augmented reality. What does it mean to be an avatar? An avatar is the digital representation of yourself in the digital world. Your avatar can be anything you want it to be, or to represent who you are. This kind of freedom of self expression breaks us free from stereotypes and grants us unlimited infinite ways to be who we want to be digitally.



    We apply the same philosophy to the shoot and allow for each Avatar Reborn to become anything they want to be in the physical realm. A transformation from the digital to physical by philosophy and from natural to digital through the help of Ai co-creation, to transform both model, garment and environment, into augmented reality and digital animations creations. What the shoot tells us is you no longer have to be defined by one thing or another, when you can be an infinite universe of beauty and possibilities.



    Using ai tools for creativity, A creative evolution inspired by a new type of enlightenment era, and the many parallels it holds to current society and ideology. the ‘unseen’ forces of energy and life, art, science, spirituality and now technology. Creators can now use Ai tools to bring anything of the infinite imagination to life. Hidden universe of dreams, vision, worlds, portals and dimensions can now be explored. The Avatar reborn is made possible through Ai co-creation. Whether using augmented reality to transform the environment or using stable diffusion capabilities to amplify your creation and message.





    Director: Ced Pakusevskij  @cedced

    Copywriter: Tafari Hinds aka @metafari_

    Creative director and producer: Tafari Hinds aka @metafari_

    Assistant creative director: Shantel Campbell and Naomi Andrews 

    Art Director: Elisabetta Giovi @wobblinbetty


    Josh @clappeddeslondon

    Danieleverse @danieleverse

    Daniel Rainbow @danrainbow.g @w_modelmgmt

    Zhané @zhane.jewelle_x

    Kane @kane__blu / @selectmodellondon

    Tafari Hinds @metafari_

    Louis @itslou125

    Melanie @_crashed_ 


    Stylist: Miruna Cotletz @mirunacotletz

    Buerlangma @buerlangma

    Kane @kane__blu /   

    Sarah Regensburger @sarahregensburger_official

    KWK by Kay Kwok @kwkbykaykwok

    Smutty Snack @smuttysnack

    I-VISION @ivision__official


    Anastasia Bull @anastasia.bull

    Marilena Angelides @_marilenaangelides_

    Capsule Eleven @capsuleeleven

    Sondor Jewellery @sondorjewellery_

    Sondor Jewellery x Jakub Matiasovic @jakubmatiasovic


    Aidan Reece Cawrey @aidanreececawreyartist

    Zara Ali Khan

    Music by Ced Pakusevskij

    Voice Tafari Hinds aka @metafari_

    Creative production: Fullscream Studio @fullscreamstudio

    Text and visuals co-edited with AI

    Rental S L Vision London