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    30 OCTOBER 2023
    Image by

    Exploring 5 Contemporary Make-Up Artists reshaping the Beauty Industry

    In recent times, numerous beauty brands have embraced immersive virtual experiences as part of their marketing strategies and for sure embracing new ways of communication through collaborations with unconventional Make-up Artists is the first step toward a clearer beauty identity. 

    In the context of spending a significant portion of our lives online, the concept of "beauty" takes on new dimensions. While make-up and the beauty industry have traditionally played a crucial role in self-expression, advancements in technology now enable us to explore novel representations of humanity within the digital realm. This realm offers limitless possibilities for fantasy and imagination, constantly pushing the boundaries of reality. To delve into this evolving concept of beauty and its impact on humanity, we have carefully chosen 5 Make-up Artists who operate at the intersection of fashion, beauty, and technology. Each artist contributes to shaping a distinct and expanded understanding of beauty, thereby redefining our perception of humanity itself.


    Simone Gammino is not just a simple "make-up artist," but rather a diverse and multifaceted creative. Perhaps placing "artist" before "make-up" would sound better? Maybe. Simone Gammino is a multidisciplinary creative, an artist who takes your mind beyond the boundaries of magic. His makeup creations always transcend the realm of mere substance, transitioning from liquid and powder to solid, 3D, ultimately becoming accessories. It should be noted that creating a 3D masterpiece requires time and dedication, much like crafting a bag or a shoe. Assisting Simone in bringing his ideas to life is the Tillverka laboratory in Milan, specializing in 3D printing. Each project is meticulously tailored to achieve a truly proportionate effect. Simone Gammino's creations embody a genuine beauty trend, featuring small accessories to be applied on the face as integral elements of the makeup.


    The contemporary Make-up Artist Sam Schavlev is challenging this conventional notion through his unique approach to beauty. According to Sam, make-up is not solely about creating something beautiful, but also about embracing the concept of ugliness.

    Initially, Sam began by creating everyday makeup looks as a means of self-expression, sharing them on Instagram. Over time, he has evolved his style to showcase extraordinary and supernatural looks, amassing a following of 153k on the platform. Through a combination of dramatic make-up effects and photo manipulation, Sam distorts the faces of his models, sometimes to the point of being unrecognizable. He experiments with turning eyes upside down and adding additional nostrils, pushing the boundaries of traditional beauty standards. In addition to his work on models, Sam also explores unconventional make-up looks on himself. By incorporating chiaroscuro-like effects on his shaved head, he uses light and shadow to create an alien-like appearance. This effect is further accentuated by a flesh-colored nose piece and homemade ear weights, resulting in a truly unique aesthetic. Sam's approach to make-up challenges societal norms and encourages viewers to embrace the unconventional and explore the concept of beauty beyond traditional standards.


    The New York-based Make-up Artist, Niohuru, is described as a make-up chameleon who draws inspiration from Chinese royalty and explores gender through their eclectic array of looks. Niohuru's Instagram account showcases a variety of unique and futuristic looks as an immersive journey of self-discovery, navigating the queerness in a conservative Chinese family. Niohuru's make-up looks often incorporate the Manchu heritage and are a way for them to express themselves and learn more about their identity. Niohuru teaches us about growing up in a conservative environment, finding beauty in everything, and embracing individuality.


    Make-up artist David Gillers is known for his unique and captivating approach to beauty. Drawing inspiration from goth and visual kei aesthetics, Gillers' work stands out for its wonderfully weird and subcultural influences. His journey into the beauty world can be traced back to his early fascination with make-up during his childhood in Latvia, which eventually led him to discover and become a part of the industry. While Gillers initially honed his skills by learning from YouTube legends like Nikkie Tutorials and Pixiwoo, it is his goth and visual kei phase that has become an integral part of his artistic expression. His portfolio showcases a plethora of subcultural influences, resulting in a style that he describes as sexy, weird, and elevated. From heavy black graphic liner to faux piercings and devilish references, Gillers' creations are visually striking and imaginative.

    One notable example of his work features his interpretation of his Monster Energy addiction demons in human form, complete with Juggalo-esque make-up. Another collaboration with the label Drop Dead showcases intricate bat-wing eyeliner. Regardless of the specific look, Gillers' work is characterized by a glossy-yet-alternative mood that has become his signature style. It comes as no surprise that his current beauty muse is Julia Fox, as her embodiment of the "sexy, weird, elevated" formula perfectly aligns with his artistic vision. His passion for pushing boundaries and creating unconventional beauty looks shines through in every aspect of his work, making him a standout figure in the industry.


    Valentina Li is not only a Make-up Artist, but a mesmerizing "face painter," although this term fails to fully encompass the breadth of her artistic endeavors. While she does indeed paint faces, she also applies her creative touch to nails and bodies. However, her artistic medium extends beyond conventional makeup and nail polish. Valentina adorns her subjects with face gems, flowers, feathers, crumbled stone, and even cracked Chinese porcelain. Her nail designs transcend the realm of mere decoration, resembling miniature mobile phones or featuring delicate dangling designer handbags.

    Hailing from Guangxi, a small village in southwestern China, Valentina Li belongs to a new generation of artists emerging from the country's vibrant creative landscape. This same artistic milieu has given rise to notable talents such as photographer Leslie Zhang, stylist Audrey Hu and progressive fashion brand Windowsen's visionary designer, Sensen Lii. 

    Valentina Li steadfastly rejects the confines of conventional taste and tradition. Her unique concept of beauty is intricately intertwined with her deep affection for nature, the universe, and the possibility of extraterrestrial life. These influences are vividly reflected in the surreal semaphore that underlies her artistic creations.