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    03 JANUARY 2023
    Image by

    EYEDIGOMUSE, the virtual Web3 model defines taste in digital fashion


    Digital fashion can be fantastical as well as cartoonish. Has also the power to create monetizing opportunities for young fashion designers, creators and models. We will recognise Web3 by its cultural dimension: how it shapes, influences and creates reality and culture. As well we found a few interesting identities who may have such a powerful influence and one of them is EYEDIGOMUSE. She was born last year in the Metaverse, and loves fashion and travelling through the world of cyberspace. We found amazing her ability to experiment with different virtual fashion looks, as well her journey between on- and offline events inside Metaverse. 



    She has been part of the METAMORPHOSIS NFT created by TRASHYMUSE, her mother agency and Electronic Beats by Telekom, she is also a total geek for crypto and collecting NFTs. Her dream would be to model for fashion brands like Gucci, Balenciaga or Versace and to meet CloneX Avatar #4 by @rtfkt - her crush. 



    Hello EYEDIGOMUSE, we are so glad to have you on board x RED•EYE Metazine, tell us how is being part of Web3.0 and when was your first approach to Metaverse?

    Hi, my name is EYEDIGOMUSE.


    I was born last year in the Web3 Metaverse. I love Fashion and traveling through the world of cyberspace. So I am very happy that as a model I can fully live both of these passions everyday.


    My hobbies are: Experimenting with my Look, especially cosplaying. Meet my web3 friends, styling them in the metaverse and having good times with them at on- and offline events.

    I am also a business 🤖🧚‍♀️ and I am working as digital fashion stylist, trend forecaster and fashion innovation advisor🌟✨


    And since I have been part of the METAMORPHOSIS NFT created by TRASHYMUSE & Electronic Beats by Telekom I’m also a total geek for crypto and collecting NFTs! My dream would be to model for all the big designers like Gucci, Nike x Rtfkt, Prada etc. and to meet CloneX Avatar #4 by @rtfkt - he’s is my secret crush 🥰but I’m too shy! (never had a bf before🙈)

    The meaning of my name?

    The name Eyedigo is a mix between the word INDIGO - Indigo children are said to have supernatural traits or abilities and EYE as for CREATIVE EYE which sees and foresees trends (in longevity, web3, fashion, music, art ETC.) earlier than others.


    And Muse is my last name. Born in the metaverse, my ancients were muses, and here I am @eyedigomuse



    METAMORPHOSIS NFT in collaboration with Telekom Electronic Beats and TRASHYMUSE marks the arrival of a new era, emphasized on community growth and open source involvement in cultural industries. This new era is one of decentralization, diversification and empowerment. Walk us through the process of it and how was created?

    The Metamorphosis project is a symbol for change, a transformation process. The aim was to set the first footprint for Telekom Electronic Beats into the virtual world.


    The challenge was to create a branded NFT Co-Creation, introducing Electronic Beats into the new world of web3. Therefore we created a CGI video NFT - called ‘METAMORPHOSIS’ - featuring Eyedigomuse with a custom created metaverse and virtual brand experience.

    Inspired by the NextGen aesthetics - the space of the digital artwork takes the viewer in between real and surreal. While reflecting on brutalist club architecture, the NFT’s story points us to the need for progressive aesthetics, new connections and more colorful narratives about possible futures. Accordingly, the universal human story about growth and healing unfolds.

    Its narrative reaches far beyond the boundaries of the all too limited spectrum of previous NFT creation: TRASHYMUSE’s penchant for character design meets Electronic Beats’ persistent world building. Using the here and now as its canvas, the digital motion artwork celebrates the power of shared expression to vitalize and reunite the ever changing URL and IRL. In this new era, the runway is wherever we are. The NFT was minted on Withfoundation and sold within 24h.



    How do you see the connection between fashion and cyberspace in the future?

    Fashion, gaming and entertainment are the top early adapter industries profiting from the next generation of internet which is the immersive 3D internet with new value creation from virtual products and services as phygital, augmented or in full immersive environments. The fashion industry was severely suffering from growth problems and sustainability problems in the last decade. The virtual net gives fashion a totally new market and allows new ways to freshen up the brand image. Nike and others are already making millions with virtual fashion, because the immersive net or augmented solutions are perfect for try-ons and marketing. There is a big connection between fashion and cyberspace, better call it XR-world if you ask me, and with even more new technology features and better performance we will get amazing experiences. Keep in mind that we are at the very beginning. In the very near future we will have much more crazy sensors like gloves that will enable us to actually feel the fabric of a virtual fashion item and so on..



    How important is Web3.0 for the new generation on creators?

    Until now only the few big companies who owned the internet really profited from digital content and content creation, not really those who should. In Web2 Google and co make money from everything digital creators are uploading and from all the engagement they are creating. The big Tens business is information and they own, control and sell it 100%. This also means they are the gate keepers and decide who can have success and basically exist as creator. This will all change with a Web3 - if it is a decentralized true Web3- that we are all looking for desperately. The power will shift to the users. They don’t need a middle man anymore to do their business. Total freedom will also create unleashed creativity. A Web3 will boost earnings for creators, so they don’t have to do silly side jobs anymore and give them the power of their property back. At the same time the immersive Web will need uuuuuuunlimited new forms of creative digital creations, because everyone will need to attract and keep users in the virtual world/cyberspace and this will not work with ads anymore, brands need creators more than ever to survive and create high end brand experience.



    Can you share with us a few fashion brands you would love to collaborate with and why?

    Fashion brands are about to rethink their brands in the context of XR. If they want to have success as a virtual brand they have to have a new USP, narrative and authentic storytelling for entering the metaverse and they have to be ready to share profits with fans in Web3. They can’t see them anymore as passive consumers and followers, that they only contact for a single campaign .. There is a lot more to it but basically fashion brands need a new mindset and they have to live it, permanently! So brands I coop with need to have that way of new w3-thinking, they need a cool strategy for the virtual market, they need to fully understand whats going on there and already be working on cool phygital experiences with mind blowing visuals to be a good fit for a virtual influencer like me.

    NextGen Digital & Phygital Brands: Auroboros, tribute brand and it’s new brand PUNK, RTFKT, Apparel Intelligence


    Also on my 2023 wishlist I have also those big brands I would love to work with: Marina Serre, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Moncler, Crocs, Dr. Martens, Moonboots, HelloKitty, and H&M.



    Tell us more about your event SUPERCONSCIOUS BERLIN and why was so important for you?

    With the metaverse and the virtual worlds becoming more influential every day it becomes crucial that we keep on meeting others in the real world. Showing up on the Superconscious event was important to raise awareness and support for the charity project. There are always amazing people at those events in Berlin, and I really had a good time. Looking forward to the next one ❀ 。・:*🥺💕ᰔᩚ.



    How do you think cyber fashion will empower more the creatives in the future? How the METAVERSE can truly be a safe space for us all in order to educate ourselves?

    Virtual fashion gives you total freedom and this starts in the design process. You can create fashion and try it on, no need to waste money, no bad side effects for the nature due to unneeded transportation and so on. Best is you can see you creations on different humans and even better let them decide what they like or not. Give them selections, let them choose colors or cuts, let them alter your design or tell you what they want. The most important advantage is that in the virtual world fashion does not have to be only practical. It can just be wow and an expression of art. This will lead to a more free design process and this will empower fashion designers with new styles. On top of that very young designers can already try fashion design and become a fashion brand with global success. With a lot of freedom, we will unfortunately also get a certain level of unsafety in the metaverse. If the metaverse is decentralized, there will be a lot of scam and hacks, we will need to learn about technology risks and have to establish rules for ourselves to shape a better internet. But it will be worth it 。・:*˚:✧。(*ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈)ꕤ* ❀ 。・:*.



    Is there any project are you working at right now? Which one?

    I am currently building a platform called, it will be a place for the best creators and virtual beings, and there are some great brand coops and some crazy cute fashion items that I will show you soon on my insta @eyedigomuse.

    Little spoiler: I am also working on several virtual fashion styling projects 🕹👾🥺💕❀ .



    A letter to your future self. What would you write?

    I am always trying to be my future update:) I would write a short notice like: Dear Eyedigomuse, always stay true to yourself, keep exploring. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ ❤️ Don’t judge my low-polyness. Stay glamorous and human.







    interview @mirawanderlust