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    13 MARCH 2023
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    From ChatGPT to the AI era: NFT Factory presents 100% AI* - *That doesn't exist


    NFT Factory’s art director, Benoit Couty, has chosen for this first drop a selection of artworks created by artists who used solely artificial intelligence as their medium, with the aim of showing to the public that artificial intelligence will not replace artists, but rather instigate a new creative process that will allow a chance for the democratization of access to the works and their creation.




    Behind the brand new NFT Factory there’s a team of more than 120 Web3 forward-thinkers, such as tech and crypto leaders, artists, investors, and managers of leading tech companies. Since they opened their doors to the public, NFT Factory has been dedicated to the identification and support of the work of historical and upcoming crypto-artists from both the French and international art scene. As a result, in order to embrace their innovative spirit, the NFT Factory has launched its own NFT purchase platform, on which artists can implement their smart contracts while ensuring complete sovereignty over their creations. Located right in front of the Centre Pompidou, in their brand new gallery, the NFT Factory positioned itself as a unique space to discover NFTs, network and build projects in the Web3. By physically exhibiting digital artworks that are simultaneously available for sale on their website through the blockchain system, at editions and prices determined in collaboration with the artists featured in the show, the team aims at introducing their public to the NFT world. Thanks to this approach, the NFT Factory was able to blend its objective of showcasing new artists, evaluating and selecting works for collectors, while staying true to the doctrine of disintermediation of the Web3.




    100% AI* - *That doesn't exist, opened on March the 2nd, poses questions over the ideas of creation and ownership when machine-made works come into play. The exhibition, meant as further proof that artificial intelligence will not replace artists, aims at showing to the public the innovative creative process behind the works designed with AI technology, from the writing of the prompt to the selection and post-production of the works generated by the software. To position at the very center of the show artificial intelligence, the NFT Factory team decides to appoint ChatGPT as the “critic” in charge of writing the accompanying text of the exhibition. Using the prompt -Explain why there is no such thing as a 100% AI artwork- the chatbot swiftly replies in an intense austere way reciting the following: “There is no such thing as a 100% AI artwork because, ultimately, the creation of an artwork involves a combination of both human creativity and machine automation. While AI algorithms can generate images, music, and other types of media based on data inputs and certain parameters, they lack the subjective decision-making abilities and creative intuition that are essential to producing a truly original work of art.” This short initial statement is only part of the server’s explanation, which was presented by the NFT Factory’s team in its integrity; no human has reviewed or touched this statement.




    Even though NFTs and AI-generated works did not devise digital art, they allowed for the creation of their market, one resting on the rule of disintermediation. By going against the number one principle of the traditional art market, the trust and mediation by the connoisseurs, various questions around this decentralized industry keep popping up. If you want to join the conversation you have time until the 25th of March to see the show at NFT Factory’s gallery.