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    06 MARCH 2023
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    Intelligent Artifacts: How 0010x0010 is changing both visual and musical process

    0010x0010 is an audio and visual artist that uses as many mediums as possible. He loves to create art both from traditional paint and to mixed media, from photo to film, to digital and AI. Same process for music, as he both plays traditional instruments and uses synthesizers, drum machines, modular systems and softwires. In fact, his main purpose is trying to push his creative boundaries. His objective clearly emerges in “Intelligent Artifacts”, his exhibition presented by Xumiiro and W1 Curates in London. It’s a dark, psychedelic, post-contemporary audio-visual experience that explores a unique and deeply personal connection between artificial intelligence, mental heath, and the intersection of fashion, makeup, and avant-garde underground culture.

    The installation expresses the impact of information and human brain’s image overload but it’s even the result of the realization that Al, if used for processing and understanding these experiences, could perfectly serve as a form of self-therapy. The artwork features a mix of abstract video sequences, immersive soundscapes, bold fashion and makeup statements that draw on the avant-garde underground culture scene. It's a beta version, showcasing the unexpected glitches and behaviors that arise when pushing the boundaries of technology.

    That’s why it features a variety of video sequences that have been remixed, reworked, and modified by the artist, who is always on the cutting edge of technology and has experimented extensively with AI both concerning sound and visuals. Another central theme of the installation is the question of whether AI art can be considered “real”art. 0010x0010 invites visitors to question the boundaries of what is considered true art and how technology is shaping the future of the creative process. He explores the intersection of artificial intelligence, alien identity, and the matrix we’ve designed to live in, to show visitors how the use of technology and artificial intelligence is shaping the future of art and will probably dominate art world in the same way music world made with samples, machines and softwires.

    We visited the exhibition and we talked about it with 0010x0010.

    Tell us about your willingness to mix audio with visuals. How did your need to unite the two worlds come about?

    It just came naturally. At first, I did art and music separate, but then quickly realized that the ultimate is the combination of the two. To be able to make the two interact exactly the way you want is amazing and the most satisfying to create. If I only do music or something visual without the other I feel like something is missing.

    Both in visual and in music world, you try to use as many mediums as possible, from traditional instruments to synthesizers, always creating a dialogue with the artificial. What role does the will to push boundaries play in your artistic expression?

    When using different mediums it’s like you can time travel because in most cases the medium defines a certain era. An oil painting combined with piano sounds vs an AI driven video art piece with modular synth sounds. That’s a trip in time. Then you can always combine the things and mix it up. It won’t be always amazing , but will never be boring.

    This aspect also emerges a lot in your exhibition "Intelligent Artifacts" where you question the boundary between what is considered coming from real world and what we instead relegate to the sphere of the artificial. So how do you think the mixture of the artificial is influencing the artistic world? And, specifically talking about Als, how do you think they're influencing your music?

    AI was already deeply implemented in audio and visual art for a while. As soon as we started to use drum machines, synthesizers, samplers and digital photo and video editors. That evolved into apps and plugins for the apps and that just got supercharged into a new dimension in a very short time. I think it will change the artistic landscape drastically and quicker than most think and expect. For me, I’ll keep on time traveling between vintage vibes, the absolute latest and a mix of those.

    What role does Al play in your desire to reflect the combination of human and artificial we are now everyday subjected? And what do you think is the effect that it causes on both a personal and a collective-social level?

    As long as you keep control of AI and don’t let AI control you. Make it part of your life, skillset and toolbox , don’t rely on it exclusively. Through your exhibition you also want to bring out how digital is no more perfect than human, but that defectand imperfection reign in both worlds.

    If you try to imagine a near future, what is the perfect meeting point for you between the two dialogues in relation to the figure of the artist?

    For me the perfect point is right now. As humans, we’re already surpassed by technology. Software and hardware wise, we’re only using a very small percentage of what we actually could do. So if we would stop now developing software and hardware and focus on using what we have correctly, we would still have about 100 years to play and create.

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    Interview by @amaemi00101

    Video & Image Edit by @danieleverse