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    11 APRIL 2023
    Image by

    Join the Tech Revolution with FUTURE+: The Future of Fashion and Beauty


    Are you ready to dive into the latest and greatest news from the cutting edge of tech and fashion? As you all know, technology is advancing at lightning speed, and it's changing the way we interact with the world around us. From immersive virtual experiences to cutting-edge blockchain technology, the possibilities are endless. And nowhere is this more evident than in the world of fashion and beauty.

    We present you FUTURE+, the newest membership platform from Ashumi Sanghvi, the Founder and CEO of MAD Global. This innovative new platform is dedicated to connecting fashion, beauty, retail, and luxury executives with the most exciting startups, creators, and brands in the tech world.

    Launching on April 12th, during NFT NYC, this event is going to be a game changer. And where better to host it than at the SAMSUNG 837 flagship in the heart of New York's Meatpacking District? With 4 incredible panel talks covering everything from customer loyalty to luxury digital experiences, this is an event you won't want to miss.



    And we at RED-EYE are proud curatorial partners of FUTURE+. We've been working hard to exhibit some of the most exciting web3 creators from our community. We believe that the future of fashion and beauty is all about new aesthetics - more fluid, more transformative, and more liquid. And with new digital aesthetics, we have the power to transform the future of tech humanism and immersive data experiences.

    So get ready to experience the cutting edge of digital art! We're thrilled to announce that our groundbreaking exhibition, "Beyond the Physical: Exploring the Possibilities of Digital Art," will be showcased at the FUTURE+ event in New York and our very own Spatial installation.

    The exhibition features the works of 28 of the most avant-garde digital creators, each pushing the boundaries of what's possible with technology, fashion, beauty and art. From fashion creations to mind-bending AI artworks, this exhibition will challenge your perceptions of aesthetics and take you on a journey through the possibilities of the digital medium. The featured artists are: 0010x0010, Adriana NFT, Artisant, Auroboros, Chrryt, Craves, Costomix, Formless Initial, Guillaume Sauzey Soze, Hardmetacore, HONEY, Infinite Vibes, Kota Yamaji, LETTONNE, Maburuka Yussif, Maria Gudjohnsen, Marika D’Auteuil Illusory Beauty, Mengze Zheng, PET LIGER, RickDick, Sarah Mayer, Silvia Badalotti, Taskin Goec, Terry Gates, Umut_Alberto, Vanessa Pagano and Xiangyu Liu.



    At the FUTURE+ event in New York, you'll be able to experience the exhibition in person on an extra large immersive screen.

    And for those of you who can't make it to the physical event, don't worry - you can still experience the exhibition in our RED-EYE metazine Spatial installation, that is designed to immerse you in the artwork, giving you a chance to explore and interact with each piece in stunning detail.

    Whether you're in New York or exploring our metaverse installation, "Beyond the Physical" is an exhibition you won't want to miss. Join us in celebrating the incredible talent of these 28 artists and creators as we showcase the true potential of digital art.

    Get ready to join us on a journey through the possibilities of the digital medium. This is the future of fashion and beauty, and we can't wait to see where it takes us.