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    19 DECEMBER 2022
    Image by

    Let's celebrate Honey NFT giveaway together


    HONEY is a community driven digital fashion studio. We enchase experiences beyond physical world by expanding the possibilities of digital universes.

    We are a female led and operated brand, where we cherish their participation in the future we are stepping into. 



    “We have a strong belief in the power of community. The decentralized nature of our hearts allows us to build a community around each other and try new things together. We encourage this by giving away new products to our community to test and by providing an open forum where people can discuss ideas and ask questions.

    We want to give our community a voice in shaping the future of web3 by being a part of it. We believe that by building a community around ourselves we can make it grow faster than any other company. We are open and honest about what we're working on. We always encourage each other to try new things by sharing ideas, knowledge, tools to try, which is a great way to learn about new technologies and have fun doing it.”

    — Svetlana Yakunina



    During Christmas holidays we are launching the giveaway of our first signature HONEY NFT. We want to get to know more about our community to become closer and united. We would like to share our love for beauty with you!

    All you need is to reply 4 questions on the form and submit your polygon wallet address.

    The giveaway will last for 8 days, from 19/12 to 26/12. We will keep track of all submissions and send the NFTs after collecting all the responses.


    To enter the giveaway fill out this form:


    Svetlana Yakunina, the founder of HONEY, mentions that she is always looking into the ways to contribute to the shift from unsustainable, unfair and unethical traditional fashion to a more safe, fair and sustainable business. Trough HONEY, she is building together with the community and trough the values we all share as our mission.


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