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  • Date
    27 MARCH 2023
    Image by
    @ _MADE_IN_HATE_

    Made in hate, the bag as a fundamental key for the development of human civilization


    The founder + designer of @_made_in_hate_ , considers the bag a fundamental key for the development of human civilization and is without a doubt as monumental as the invention of the wheel. The bag is a major tool which helps us in everyday life but also can reinforce status and reflect personal style, they are remarkable pieces of art. She often stops over the concept of a bag existence when it is stripped of the prejudices and stabilizing assumptions we are conditioned by.


    The designer thinks it is an absurd idea to carry around a weird object with the power to increase social status and provide security of personal belongings. The base of this particular design comes from the thought of carrying an object. Hard, sharp, rattling thing resembling deadly medieval weapon. The feeling of security and empowerment is in the foundation of the design. When you see it, you either like it or hate it but once you hold it, you feel its value.



    The shape of the bag is the only aspect designed before the crafting. Everything else such as the specific material use, color variation and composition is decided while making each individual piece. The brand MADE IN HATE formed long before the first bag was born and is still evolving. MIH is a reaction to the cliche “made with love” which is used with its sole intention for marketing gains. This whole idea of fake love has spread and found a home in many spheres, such as social media. Love sells so easily, however the designer believes it’s just as important to embrace the dark side. Made In Hate is a hyperbole. The literal meaning would be: “Don’t try to deny the dark. Because the light can only exist with the dark.’’



    Tell us more about the meaning behind your brand name?

    I just like how it sounds.



    How do you approach the inspirational process when it comes to creating one?

    Pain is the inspiration. I'm not in control of it. Working is a way of liberating all the negative emotions. It's a nasty yet beautiful process.


    The best things are usually created when people follow their own vision rather than just pursuing success or money for its own sake. How challenging is the business part for you as a creative based in Berlin?

    I'd say it's fun, mostly learning by doing, there is no master plan. I wouldn't call it business at this point. It's a flow with ups and downs.



    How can a bag be recognised as a functional one, and why is it important for who is wearing it?

    I think you should be able to put some personal stuff of yours in it and safely carry it around. That would be enough to fulfill its original function. You made me think if people just carry around interesting art objects. That's a striking idea.



    How would you define the term “long-lasting” in fashion? How long should last a bag?

    Probably decades, maybe even generations, but then it also needs to be timeless. 50 plus years with some repairs from time to time, that's my goal, actually. But everything falls apart eventually. That's nature.



    How do you face challenges in such a complex industry, and how do you approach potential customers/stores?

    Don't really feel like I'm part of any industry. Have the pleasure to meet creative, interesting, and driven people from time to time, but mostly, it's just me alone. I don't present it in any physical store. Potential customers are all online. My Instagram account has been very helpful in presenting it.


    How should a person feel about wearing MADE IN HATE?

    Like you finally possess something, what have you been desiring intensely for a very long time. Almost relieved. This is how I would love to make people feel.



    Do you see the future of digital art related to fashion?

    We can only speculate how this is going to turn out, but I'm curious about this path.


    Name us a few creatives you would like to collaborate with.

    I met with the creator of the CRITTER clothing brand in London for a shoot recently. There are no other future collaboration plans atm. But I'm excited if any new ones will unfold.



    What was the last place that really fascinated you?

    Definitely La palma would love to take magic mushrooms there.

    A letter to your future self. What would you write?

    Just don't be an idiot.






    Interview by @mirawanderlust