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    06 MARCH 2023
    Image by

    Racing And Clubbing Vibes At The Ottolinger FW23 Collection


    This collection reflects individuals unbound by any particular style or space. Who are comfortable in glamorous settings like the NASDAQ floor, where they exude sex appeal in ballerina heels or leave an impression with their trail of oil from the Formula 1 track. They effortlessly move between lanes, unafraid to express themselves through their appearance with sharp, dark purple nails and free-flowing hair.


    Their wardrobe reflects their dynamic personality and ability to adapt to any situation, with a mix of seductive and streamlined styles. They are always ready for whatever life brings their way, from riding horses to planting trees to exploring Mars. They are intellectually poly and romantically devout, always dressed for any and every occasion that life unfolds at once. They portray the ultimate style chameleon, constantly reinventing themselves and embracing new challenges with style and grace. new challenges with style and grace.


    photography @donaldgjoka


    words AI