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    16 JUNE 2023
    Image by

    Red-Eye Metazine x FFFMilano: Pioneering the World's First Fashion Film Festival in the Metaverse


    Founded and directed by Constanza Etro, Fashion Film Festival Milano has established itself as an international event that goes beyond being a simple festival since 2014. It serves as a platform and a significant cultural meeting point, where fashion films from around the world are showcased, presenting the personalities and talents of their creators, both emerging and established.

    The festival embraces diverse perspectives, aesthetic approaches, narrative styles, and artistic codes. It fosters a constant exchange of multiple artistic expressions, languages, voices, and experiences that span the globe. What sets Fashion Film Festival Milano apart is its inclusive spirit, demonstrated through free film submissions and open admissions to the cinema. This approach ensures that everyone can participate in the competitions, screenings, and conversations, fostering a sense of accessibility and community.



    As a proud metaverse partner, RED-EYE metazine joins forces with Fashion Film Festival Milano for its 9th edition to push the boundaries of this cultural event even further. Through this innovative collaboration, FFFMilano becomes the world’s first fashion film festival to invite audiences to delve into the virtual realm of the metaverse, so that viewers can explore the event in a truly immersive experience.



    To embark on this metaverse journey, participants can register on the website and create their avatars. These digital representations play a vital role in the virtual experience, allowing users to embody themselves within the metaverse. From customizing their avatar’s appearance, clothing, and accessories, participants can personalize their presence in the virtual space.

    Once inside the metaverse, visitors can explore FFFMilano’s virtual realm, interact with other avatars, and discover the meticulously curated spaces designed by the RED-EYE metazine team. These spaces house captivating galleries featuring fashion film showcases, videos, and images, offering visitors an entirely new and immersive way to experience the festival.


    The metaverse environment is thoughtfully crafted to accommodate various areas dedicated to different aspects of the festival. The Cinema provides a virtual auditorium where competition films can be enjoyed, while the Winners Lounge becomes a vibrant hub for announcements of this year’s winners. Notably, the digital twin 3D trophy created by Fornasetti adds a touch of prestige and innovation to the award ceremony.

    Additionally, two Galleries and four Terraces are available, hosting exhibitions that celebrate the festival’s esteemed jurors and highlight the best moments from previous editions. These exhibitions pay homage to the creativity and talent that have solidified FFFMilano as a significant milestone in the industry. Through the metaverse, these exhibits transcend physical limitations, offering a global audience the chance to delve deeper into the festival’s rich history and immerse themselves in its essence.

    FFFMilano’s venture into the metaverse reflects its commitment to embracing new aesthetics and virtual participation. By partnering with RED-EYE metazine, the festival pioneers a new and exciting chapter, uniting the beauty of fashion film with the groundbreaking technology of the metaverse.

    Moreover as a testament to its dedication to innovation, FFFMilano partners with RED-EYE metazine to introduce a groundbreaking category, the “Best Metaverse Fashion Film” award. This accolade recognizes the artist who has authentically interpreted the new visions of fashion within the realms of virtual reality and web3, pushing the boundaries of creativity and digital storytelling.

    Culminating the eventful week of Men’s Fashion Week, the highly anticipated Fashion Film Festival Milano Award Ceremony will take place at the Cinema Odeon on June 19th. The ceremony will be an illustrious gathering, celebrating the winning films in the presence of distinguished guests from the realms of fashion, art, and culture. The 16 winning films will be honored with exclusive trophies crafted by the renowned Fornasetti. Join us in the metaverse to discover the winners! Just click the link below:



    Fashion Film Festival Milano continues to redefine the intersection of fashion and film, and with its groundbreaking partnership with RED-EYE metazine, it embraces the limitless possibilities of the metaverse. This collaboration ensures that the festival remains at the forefront of cultural innovation, providing audiences with an engaging and transformative experience that merges the worlds of fashion, film, and digital technology.



    AI-Generated text edited by Gloria Maria Cappelletti, editor in chief, RED-EYE