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    26 OCTOBER 2022
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    The YouTube of the Metaverse is here: Discover The Intergalactic TV universe.

    RED-EYE meets: Ovidiu & Daian

    The Romanian super duo Ovidiu & Daian founded the IntergalacticTV. A Sci-Fi multiverse, with the most immersive and playful Alien animations. 

    The concept of IntergalacticTV is what we believe the future Youtube of the metaverse could look like; a Sci-Fi multiverse with an infinite number of possibilities where anyone can upload their otherworldly creations. Television has become a ubiquitous source of information, entertainment, and community. Many people have stopped watching television in favour of online video platforms such as YouTube. However, many television programs are still broadcasted on the Internet via streaming video services such as Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu. Essentially, television has gone intergalactic as it transmits to us from remote galaxies on other planets. The concept of a digital multiverse is amplified by Ai and gaming technology. Essentially, building the IntergalacticTV with the purpose of breaking down the boundaries of creativity, will allow unlimited diversity and artistry to populate infinite universes in the digital space.

    Watch the full interview below!

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