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  • Date
    17 NOVEMBER 2022
    Image by

    Widows: an avant-garde Collective for a digital inclusive space


    Widows is a (mainly) online, alternative music collective born in Berlin in 2020, when the pandemic started, that had the aim of creating a safe network thanks to which keep being present in the music scene, even in such a difficult period. Its main goals are promoting avant-garde music and letting all the artists feel free to express themselves in an equal, comfortable way. Widows Collective wants to promote different experimental music styles to value the underground scene and letting all the artists express theirselves as they prefer.


    “Also, we're all very emotional people. So another of our main objects is working on emotional music, that's like, trying to describe some strong feelings, and all the time we're just changing mood.”



    The aesthetic of the Collective is based on the idea that online world is the new world, so Widows wants to represent its computer-music through bright, acid, digital artworks and would like to reimagine how its online presence would be in new digital spaces, such as the Metaverse world: “I recently discovered this trend that the newest AI can emulate voices of the people really naturally. So now, some artists are basically doing copies of their clones that can sing any song for them. And it's really interesting: people will be able to change themselves for a program in this new world.”



    In fact, Widows would love maintaining physical events while developing even AI performances, with the creation of a digital club made by its visuals, representing a fully immersion in the aesthetic of the Collective: “Maybe even a little city, like a city location, a game location. So you can start with some quests and then you discover artists and you go further into this kind of labyrinth.”



    Its latest Various Artists compilation completely represents all the main Collective aspects we mentioned before: it’s composed by 11 super digital experimental tracks from different artists all over the world, as Europe, Latin America, USA, Australia. The goal is to create a fundraiser for Palestine, for DCI Palestine Organization, which is the oldest NGO that is working for children’s rights and their right to study in West Bank. So all the tracks are available to purchase and donate to the cause.