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  • Christie Lau

    Christie Lau

    Contributing Editor

    Christie Lau is a multidisciplinary digital fashion artist, working with digital fashion, artificial intelligence, and augmented and virtual realities. Referencing internet culture and everyday mundanity, their work reimagines recognisable motifs and environments in AR and VR, in an playful and absurd take on reality.

    Having recently graduated from BA Fashion Print at Central Saint Martins, Christie’s giant QR boxes became a viral internet sensation. On the runway, they debuted their digital garments on 3 giant QR code boxes worn on models on the runway. When scanned, they will take the viewer to an Instagram augmented reality filter where they can see an animated digital human wearing my full look through their phone camera. Their work has been featured by the likes of i-D, Dazed, and the Evening Standard.

    Shortly after graduation, they have already worked with high profile clients such as Meta on their Queens of the Metaverse campaign, designing and creating mixed reality outfits for drag king Adam All in a one-of-a-kind mixed reality runway. For their final collection exhibition, they have also collaborated on a virtual reality experience on Unreal Engine, to display their digital looks in a fully immersive digital environment, as well as a digital try-on of their collection as body-tracked Snapchat AR filters.