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    23 JANUARY 2023
    Image by

    A Celebration of Yayoi Kusama with Artificial Intelligence


    For this celebration, artist Terry Gates has partnered with AI to create a series of visuals that are inspired by Kusama's iconic polka dot universe. The collaboration between Terry and AI has resulted in a collection of mesmerizing meta-portraits of a young Yayoi Kusama, that blur the lines between traditional and digital photography, showcasing the potential of AI to enhance and augment human creativity. The use of AI in this collaboration allows for a new level of experimentation and exploration in the artistic process, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field of contemporary visual creations.



    The RED-EYE celebration of Japanese contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama is an exciting opportunity to honor the pioneering artist and her impact on the art world. This celebration is particularly special, as it coincides with the exposure that Kusama's work is currently receiving by luxury house Louis Vuitton, highlighting the artist's enduring influence and relevance in the contemporary art scene. Louis Vuitton has transformed its stores across the world for the launch of its anticipated capsule collection with her.



    The launch of the collaboration has seen a number of key stores across the world redecorated with Kusama's signature polka-dots, life-like animatronics of Kusama painting in the windows of the stores and an inflatable replica of Kusama peering over the roof of Louis Vuitton's Champs-Élysées store. The Kusama/Vuitton collabo takeover includes also Milan, precisely at Garage Traversi and Piazza San Babila.



    Celebrating the one and only Yayoi Kusama through the collaboration of human and machine is a true testament to the boundless nature of art. As Terry Gates has paired with AI to create these 13 stunning images, our Editor in Chief Gloria Maria Cappelletti and ChatGPT have added their own touch with a thought-provoking post-poem.

    "Beyond the Realm: A Tribute to Yayoi Kusama and Artificial Intelligence"

    Beyond the realm of human sight, Yayoi Kusama's visions take flight, A master of dots and lines, Her art transcends all time.

    With a brush in hand, she paints the world, A surreal landscape, her mind unfurled, A labyrinth of thoughts, hard to find, But in her art, her visions come to mind.



    She delves into the unknown, A world beyond what we have shown, A polka dot universe, her creation, A masterpiece of imagination.

    With Artificial Intelligence by her side, Yayoi's art reaches new heights to abide, A super human vision, beyond compare, Her art, a reflection of a world beyond repair.

    Yayoi Kusama, a true visionary, Her art, a bridge between reality and fantasy, A master of her craft, her work, divine, A true inspiration, in the world of art, to shine.

    by ChatGPT



    AI-Generated text edited by Gloria Maria Cappelletti, editor in chief, RED-EYE

    AI Images by Terry Gates