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  • Date
    04 JULY 2023
    Image by

    A Tale of Passage on the Club Venus Float at Naples Pride

    Down in the sweltering streets, a sea of bodies dances under the summer sun, each carrying a tale of transformation, desire, and freedom. We find ourselves aboard the Venus float.

    This photographic narrative aspires to bear witness to the feminine urgency of recounting reality in an exuberant and joyful manner, using only adjectives from the realm of the fabulous grammar.

    It is the distinctiveness of this generation, proudly trans in the etymological sense of the term: "trans" as "through," which perceives change and fluidity in every aspect of life, liberating the term from its strictly sexual or identity-related connotations.

    To borrow the words of Theo Montoya in his film Anhell69: "Esta es una película trans," "This is a trans film," where "trans" is employed to attribute a gender fluidity to the film, blurring the line between documentary and fiction.

    Much like the film, the life that courses through the walls and hearts of people is also trans, for it is an unconscious and continuous flow, and it passes "through" us.

    Today, we walk amidst the ghosts of our history, those of Via Toledo, the Tribunali, the Centro Direzionale, Rosalinda or Jennifer, Sylvia and Marsha. We carry on our shoulders the echoes of their ancient voices, asserting the pride of that trans experience, the fabulous agony that gave birth to this march.

    Through visual testimony, we celebrate the fragments of life's boundaries that, when interwoven, create a mosaic of play, challenge, and hope.

    The march is inherently trans, a journey through the borders that separate the genders of sexuality and normative identity, an affirmation of the individual's experience as a transformative element of existence, a reality that perceives "trans" not as an absence but as a complete essence.