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  • Date
    06 MARCH 2023
    Image by

    Aliens at the Rick Owens FW23 Show During PFW


    In a world where fashion often projects indifference or aloofness, one designer set out to create something more earnest. Through a focus on polished hair and makeup, including sculptural ponytails and bold makeup choices, he aimed to convey a sense of authenticity and sincerity. The clothes themselves were simple yet inventive, merging unexpected combinations like a puffer jacket and babydoll dress or shredded denim that resembled feathers. Exaggerated proportions, like spiky shoulders that rose beyond the top of the head and hugged the face, added an element of drama.


    The resulting collection was austere, but also arresting and thought-provoking. By rejecting the status-driven clothing often seen on the runway, the designer was able to convey a sense of honesty and emotional depth that resonated with audiences. Ultimately, the pursuit of earnestness in fashion is a refreshing antidote to the cynicism and posturing that can so often dominate the industry.



    photography @donaldgjoka


    words AI