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    31 JANUARY 2023
    Image by

    Avatar Reborn AI Co-Creation Unwrapped

    DIGITAL ARTISTRY by Ced Pakusevskij and Metafari 


    Danieleverse is wearing headpiece by Aidan Reece Cawrey, bodysiut by SmuttySanck and digital shoes by Jose Monroy.


    The recent fashion film, "Avatar Reborn, Co-created by AI,  aims to encompass a wide range of styles and techniques, from Chatgpt, AI assisted styling, 3d modelling, and digital animation.  AI technology was used to augment the creative process and open up new avenues for artistic expression.  In this article, we will discover the key elements behind the achievement of Avatar Reborn from physical through digital to the metaverse.

    Digital tools can help artists and designers streamline their creative processes, automate repetitive tasks, and access new sources of inspiration.  On the other hand, the increasing use of AI algorithms in digital artistry raises questions about the originality and authenticity of art created using AI tools.

    However, the impact of AI on creativity and originality in digital artistry is not set in stone. It will depend on how artists and designers choose to use AI technology in their work. By embracing AI as a tool to augment their creativity and originality, rather than replace it, artists  can explore new avenues for artistic expression and push the boundaries of what is possible in digital artistry.



    AI-Assisted Styling

    AI-assisted styling refers to the use of technology's ability to add a new creative perspective, while contributing both in the developing process and the final image of the shoot. The shoot was virtually styled by London based stylist Miruna, who shared her perspective.

     “I was Actually working virtually from Romania, my home. I usually like to have human contact, you know, the natural touch of things, to feel and pack them, but styling digitally, using 3D modelling design pieces allows me the ability to explore new dimensions in creative styling. The image wasn't really that altered in terms of the styling. But I had also kind of assumed that something would happen between the natural and AI animation. I had looked through  previous works of the director and I expected something quite avant garde and I was right. So yeah, it was really fun to see what different textures can do, what different shapes can come out of each texture and all the colour blocking and how everything completes each other in the final result. It was a new experience for me. One of the more controlled projects I've had. But more free ones in terms of creativity and imagination." Miruna Coltez - Stylist


    Zhane is wearing total look by Marilena Angelides


    We know that AI algorithms can already assist in selecting and styling clothing items to fit body shape and size. Virtual fitting rooms, where models can try on clothing items virtually using a computer or mobile device to fit. AI algorithms can analyse the models body measurements, body shape, and preferences to suggest clothing items that will fit and flatter the figure.



    AI Co-creation 

    AI co-creation  represents a new and exciting avenue for creative expression in the space.  This collaboration between artists and AI tools, can analyse large amounts of data, to generate new and innovative ideas that would not be possible through human effort alone. We ask Director Ced Pakusevskiy, Creative Director Metafari and Art Director Elisabetta Giovi for their perspectives 

    The stable diffusion is something that I like to work with. It was the missing link from what I've been doing before, on  “Avatar Reborn '' I was shooting, and at the same time I was also doing the motion design. It's like the link that can bridge two different worlds,  One of my favourite looks to shoot was the Aidan Reece Cawrey CCTV headpiece, worn by Danieleverse, in one world you work with real people and in the other there are more abstract forms which give you a bit of creative superpowers.  Ced Pakusevskij,  Director



    In my opinion, the best thing to do is to treat AI as the most powerful ally you could ever have. I love the fact that AI creativity is very far from human creativity, because somehow it challenges us to think outside the box, in a “Machine way”, with fresh and unpredictable results. In general, I see AI as a powerful medium for Fashion to explore new, bizarre and unusual territories, with the best results achieved when it is mixed with IRL materials. Elisabetta Giovi Art Director


     My brainstorm buddy,  ChatGPT is a remarkable example of the power of artificial intelligence. It's ability to generate human-like text, and its scalability and customizability, It has the potential to transform a wide range of industries and applications, with the potential to transform the way we create, experience, and think about art. Metafari - Creative Director

     Avatar Reborn, AI co-creation, shows how digital artistry rapidly evolves fields that offer new possibilities for creativity and collaboration. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, artists and designers can create unique and innovative works that would not have been impossible without technology. However, it is important to consider the ethical and creative implications of AI-assisted art, and to strive for a balance between human creativity and machine-generated results. As these fields continue to grow and evolve, they hold great potential for shaping the future of art and design.

    headpiece by Aidan Reece Cawrey, suit by Kane and gloves by Anastasia



    Director: Ced Pakusevskij  @cedced

    Copywriter: Tafari Hinds aka @metafari_

    Creative director and producer: Tafari Hinds aka @metafari_

    Assistant creative director: Shantel Campbell and Naomi Andrews 

    Art Director: Elisabetta Giovi @wobblinbetty


    Josh @clappeddeslondon

    Danieleverse @danieleverse

    Daniel Rainbow @danrainbow.g @w_modelmgmt

    Zhané @zhane.jewelle_x

    Kane @kane__blu / @selectmodellondon

    Tafari Hinds @metafari_

    Louis @itslou125

    Melanie @_crashed_ 


    Stylist: Miruna Cotletz @mirunacotletz

    Buerlangma @buerlangma

    Kane @kane__blu /   

    Sarah Regensburger @sarahregensburger_official

    KWK by Kay Kwok @kwkbykaykwok

    Smutty Snack @smuttysnack

    I-VISION @ivision__official


    Anastasia Bull @anastasia.bull

    Marilena Angelides @_marilenaangelides_

    Capsule Eleven @capsuleeleven

    Sondor Jewellery @sondorjewellery_

    Sondor Jewellery x Jakub Matiasovic @jakubmatiasovic


    Aidan Reece Cawrey @aidanreececawreyartist

    Zara Ali Khan

    Music by Ced Pakusevskij

    Voice Tafari Hinds aka @metafari_

    Creative production: Fullscream Studio @fullscreamstudio

    Text and visuals co-edited with AI

    Rental S L Vision London