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    22 SEPTEMBER 2023
    Image by

    An Eternal Voyage: Natasha Zinko's SS24 'The Camp'

    Lost in a fashion-forward reverie, one may wonder: "Where am I? Who are these people? Where am I going? Who am I?"

    These are the poignant queries propelling Natasha Zinko's SS24 collection into uncharted territory, as she embarks on a journey through the depths of human essence, a testament to our remarkable ability to adapt, even in the face of the direst circumstances.

    Throughout history, humanity has been in perpetual motion. Once upon a time, we fled danger on foot, escaping menacing predators. Today, we traverse the globe by train, car, and plane, crossing borders as we are relentlessly pursued by threats that have become disconcertingly commonplace: political turmoil, war, and the looming environmental crisis. We have run in the past; we continue to run in the present, and there is little doubt that we will continue running into the future.

    Yet, life persists, ever resilient. In the meantime, allow us to introduce you to "THE CAMP," SS24 by Natasha Zinko. The collection gives us an optimistic glimpse into contemporary existence in perpetual motion. When one is always on the move, two hands are never quite enough. This season, pockets boldly protrude from every conceivable garment. Hoodies are cropped, sweatpants flare dramatically, and caps, adorned with sawed-off visors, take center stage. A long, ethereal black cape, complete with a hood, makes a lightweight statement. Backpacks no longer remain tethered to our backs; they gracefully transition to the front, morphing into vests secured by stylish straps, cleverly repurposed.

    The fusion of cargo practicality and motorcycle aesthetics results in cargo-moto pieces: flared denim trousers adorned with motorcycle ribbing on the knees and oversized square pockets, while leather overalls sport motorcycle-inspired accents on the back and, yes, more pockets. In a world divided by polarizing issues, there's one thing that unites us all – underwear. We each don it daily, pack it into our suitcases, yet why do we hide it? Natasha Zinko challenges this notion and beckons us to normalize it. Hence, white elastic bands emerge as nearly omnipresent elements, playfully peeking out from unfastened trousers, boldly declaring "NATASHA ZINKO ORIGINALS" in thick black lettering.

    Look 23 is a striking amalgamation of men's briefs, asymmetrically stitched together alongside a bra, crafting an expansive, sleeveless, and floor-length dress. Meanwhile, Look 25 showcases a topless ensemble composed of four white briefs layered with artful gaps between them, attached at various heights and angles. Even the bags, leather and monochromatic, are shaped like briefs and meticulously stitched to convey all the essential details.

    As we navigate this ceaseless journey called life, Natasha Zinko's SS24 collection invites us to embrace the essence of perpetual movement with pockets of innovation and style, all while urging us to celebrate the understated allure of everyday essentials. It's a testament to our ability to adapt, evolve, and find beauty in even the most challenging of circumstances.

    Article by @danieleverse   

    Image Courtesy of Agency Eleven

    Designer: Natasha Zinko

    Creative Director: Betsy Johnson

    Casting Director: Conan Laurendot

    Hair: Claire Moore

    Make Up: Porsche Poon

    Production: Elizabeth Walshe

    Music: VTSS

    PR: Agency Eleven

    Runway Photographer: Gaspar Ruiz Lindberg

    Videographer: Alexei

    Venue: Soho Square

    Press Release: Ivan Zinko