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    30 NOVEMBER 2022
    Image by

    Bulgari’s Serpenti collab with Refik Anadol lands in London’s iconic Saatchi Gallery

    RED-EYE visited the immersive realms of Bulgari x Refik Anadol Serpenti Metamorphosis’ phygital experience and it was magical!

    After last year’s successful debut in Milan’s Piazza Duomo, the world-renowned Saatchi Gallery in London will be home to the second edition of Bulgari x Refik Anadol Serpenti Metamorphosis exhibition and digital experience until the 23rd of December 2022.

    Who better than the award-winning media artist Refik Anadol to bring one of the most regarded fashion houses on the cutting edge of innovation and animation?

    Since 1948, Bulgari’s most emblematic Serpenti Collection is in constant evolution and it now reached new and exemplary dimensions with the power of AI. Through machine learning algorithms trained on more than 200 million images of nature, Refik Anadol’s AI data sculpture, Serpenti Metamorphosis, represents the perpetual forms of transformation found in nature, which merged with Bulgari’s limitless revivals of the snake motif.

    After Crossing the threshold of the notorious Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, London, we dived into a dynamic space with walls and ceilings that disappeared into infinity. From the side walls covered in gigantic led screens, we witnessed the Metamorphosis through the intricacies of an ever-changing snake, showcasing its continuous rebirth and evolution among the vibrant colours of an alternative reality of nature. 

    The visual and immersive experience was an awakening of all perceptions. From emotions to sensations induced by the multi colourful snake, floral patterns, complementary music, and even the smell of Bulgari’s finest fragrances, the AI was the real protagonist and enhancer of a digital evolution that the fashion industry is slowly embracing. It may prove too difficult for the industry to implement AI in their business and creative models but one thing is for sure, whether it's about an experience or a piece of jewlery, AI can create new options and visions for consumers and audiences that weren't previously possible. This Serpenti Metamorphosis is a testament not to a revolution but to an evolution that Bulgari transcends in all realms and inspires the new and next-gen of creators.

    Enjoy our full immersive video below!

    Moving beyond the screens, the space was adorned and enriched with Bulgari Serpenti archival images and sketches. We were also seduced by the heritage jewelry and horology pieces dating back to the 40s up to nowadays high jewelry creations, along with portraits of the house’s muses of the likes of Elizabeth Taylor wearing the original stylish bracelet watches.

    Evoking the endless shapes that the snake icon can take, the exhibition heralds a momentous milestone, the 75th anniversary of Serpenti which will be celebrated in 2023. Bulgari is and will always be one of the most desirable brands of all time, which with such a creative and direct approach to technology, innovation, and renewal, will keep mesmerising the eyes of many from east to west.

    It was a really emotional and memorable journey. From the past to the future, Bulgari in collaboration with Refik Anadol nailed it in bridging the gap between digital and physical with the magic forms of Artificial Intelligence and the ever-evolving heritage of the house.

    Book your free entry now via this link :)

    Refik Anadol - Courtesy of Artist