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    15 JANUARY 2023
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    Dolce & Gabbana FW23 Menswear Collection: "Essence" of Edgy Tailoring


    The Dolce & Gabbana FW23 fashion show showcased a collection that highlighted the shift from street style to formal fashion. The designers focused on the masculine corset and shiny belt, which were paired with velvet tops and classic white shirts, creating a sense of protection and elegance. The collection also featured stunning undertaker's coats, capes, and overcoats in dark shades, with one particular black canvas coat with a fur lining and attached backpack standing out as a highlight. The only print used in the collection was a subtle mesh overlay featuring a color mosaic of the Virgin Mary. Overall, the collection was sophisticated and tailored, showcasing the designers' attention to detail and mastery of tailoring.


    Dolce Gabbana FW23 by RED-EYE Metazine
    Dolce Gabbana FW23 by RED-EYE Metazine


    The Dolce & Gabbana FW23 menswear collection, entitled "Essence," features a range of cool and edgy pieces in raven black, including patchwork denim loon pants, lace shorts, and double belts. The designers, Domenico and Stefano, stated in the show program that the collection represents the essence of their brand, characterized by the purity of volumes, tailored cuts, innovative proportions, use of Italian fabrics and silks, and craftsmanship. The collection also includes elements from their Fall/Winter 2000 menswear collection, such as micro-shirts and double-waisted belts. The show was set to a fantastic mashup of Monolink's Swallow's Tale of Us remix, adding to the overall edgy and cool vibe of the collection.


    Dolce Gabbana FW23 by RED-EYE Metazine
    Dolce Gabbana FW23 by RED-EYE Metazine


    For evening wear, the designers presented tuxedos and frock coats adorned with jagged jade and crystals, ending the show with two immaculate white suits. The designers emphasized the usage of black color throughout the collection and said that it evokes unique experiences and sensations, even when illuminated by embroidered crystals of the same color, which recall the wet volcanic rock of Etna and Stromboli, and that is the unique essence of Dolce & Gabbana.


    Dolce Gabbana FW23 by RED-EYE Metazine
    Dolce Gabbana FW23 by RED-EYE Metazine



    Gloria Maria Cappelletti, Editor in Chief & Creative Director

    Martin Romeo, Metaverse Designer

    Donald Gjoka, Editorial Director

    Eleonora Pirisi, Features Editor

    Tanya Pletneva, 3D Graphic Designer


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