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  • Date
    25 OCTOBER 2023
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    DTPCW Episode 1 - Anhilation: between technology and spirituality


    AMÆMI, as a sound and body performer, a philosopher and a Tantric practitioner, wants to lead you in the depths of the cyberworld, where boundaries blur, sensuality and spirituality intertwine and reality takes on new dimensions.

    So today, we embark with her on a journey to unravel the multifaceted podcast Don't Trust People in the Cyberworld, whose goal is to mix sensual, cybernetic, ancestral sounds with talks about different themes: from the relationship between body and sexual consciousness, to self-awareness and the interaction with spiritual world, to the union of nature and cybernetization, all dealt with in a pure and informal way.

    In the first episode of this captivating podcast, we delve into Annihilation, a 2017 cinematic movie by Alex Garland. The film seamlessly melds technological marvels with profound spiritual themes, leaving us in awe and contemplation.
    Annihilation thrusts us into a world where the boundaries of reality blur, as a mysterious shimmer distorts everything it touches. It’s a colorful, psychedelic force, casts an eerie spell, erasing memories and distorting perceptions.

    But beneath the surface, something deeper stirs. The flora and fauna mutate, merging and assimilating in a symphony of evolution. A crocodile with rows of teeth, trees resembling humans, and even echoes of the deceased all become part of this enigmatic tapestry.

    The shimmer refracts not only light but also DNA, causing rapid and perplexing changes within the explorers of the mission. Is this a path to self-destruction or a rebirth into something greater? This is the film's central motif, posing profound questions about our inherent nature.

    As the mutations intensify, we encounter duality: a world of reflections, where everything exists in everything else. AMÆMI wants to discuss how the film's special effects mirror our evolving relationship with technology, where duplication and fusion herald a new collective consciousness.

    Annihilation prompts us to confront our fear of losing uniqueness in an increasingly connected world. It parallels the process of ego dissolution during spiritual ascension, where the self merges with the collective.

    The film's alien element, depicted with mesmerizing special effects, reconnects us with nature's power and beauty. It mirrors the psychedelic experience, where ego dissolves, and a deep connection with the sacred emerges.

    In conclusion, Annihilation is a conceptual Ouroboros, circling back to the core theme of individual evolution within a collective consciousness. It suggests a resolution to the technology and nature conflict through acceptance of our ever-evolving coexistence. As we embrace this new collective consciousness, we move toward a future where humans and machines coexist harmoniously, transcending traditional dualities.

    AMÆMI ends the first episode quoting Donna Haraway’s Manifesto, that says we must become cyborgs, breaking free from dualistic constraints, where humans and machines exist as one. The enigma of Annihilation beckons us to ponder the mysteries of evolution in a world where the boundaries between self and other, human and machine, dissolve into the infinite unknown.

    Discover the first episode on soundcloud.

    Article by @amaemi00101

    Audio mixed by @amaemi00101

    Live Streamed on

    Images by Red Eye Team