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    21 NOVEMBER 2023
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    DTPCW Episode 2: The Ethereal Symphony of Youth, Music, and Spirituality in the Urban Tapestry


    In the enchanted realms of the second episode of "Don't Trust People in the Cyberworld," AMÆMI delicately weaves the tapestry of youth, musical channel, metropolitan chaos, and spiritual dimension. To be a young soul with a penchant for spiritual exploration amidst the artificial and chaotic urban landscape can be a dance with contradictions.

    AMÆMI shares the mystical journey of intertwining inner experiences with the vibrant tapestry of city life. It's a tale of finding enchantment in the concrete jungle, a delicate balance between the pulsating city rhythms and the slower cadence of introspective exploration. Amidst the chaos, carving moments in nature or embracing slower rhythms becomes a transformative ritual, a journey to recharge and infuse renewed energy into the urban sprawl.

    Contrary to detaching from the world, delving into the city's shadowy energy becomes a reminder that spirituality is an exploration of the world's depths. Immersing hands in the often murky urban context is a dance between light and shadow. As an artist, AMÆMI also attests that music serves as a vital bridge, a magical elixir connecting these disparate dimensions. It is a channel to maintain higher frequencies in the capitalist urban routine and to artistically shape the anxieties that arise from the city's hustle into something aesthetically fulfilling.

    AMÆMI invites us into a mystical dialogue, involving Nicole Dietrich, also known as Nicole Indie, a 25 years old content creator from Buenos Aires, that tries her best to provide tools on personal and spiritual growth, helping others on their journeys. She also loves music and just released her first single called Pick You Up.

    She embodies a spiritual calling, channeling it through social platforms to reach the urban community. 





    Nicole shares that navigating the tumultuous urban landscape of Buenos Aires can be quite a challenge, and it's crucial to learn how to discern and nourish oneself with what is deemed valuable. Maintaining less contact with those who don't share a similar mindset is equally important. 

    For her, meditation also serves as a means to stay attuned to the right frequencies. As Nicole herself asserts, "If you're calm inside, the outside doesn't seem that loud."

    The purpose, therefore, is to strive for balance and relish the urban reality. That’s why it’s intriguing to use external triggers as catalysts for personal growth and evolution. 

    Music, in particular, plays a fundamental role in returning to one's center and expressing inner perceptions that may be challenging to articulate when engulfed in them. Thus, after a taxing day, Nicole seeks out frequencies that relax and align her with the right state of mind. Similarly, when facing situations that demand a specific attitude, she leverages music as an extra confidence boost.

    Moreover, the creative music process aids in the liberation and expression of the self, adding a magical touch to the journey of self-discovery amidst the chaos.

    Through her voice and music, Nicole becomes a beacon, speaking with the young souls of the city and transforming the spiritual into tangible melodies. The enchanting collaboration echoes the alchemy of spirituality in the urban tapestry, where music becomes the spellbinding thread weaving the realms of light and darkness.  



    Check out @nicoleindie

    Podcast Live Streamed on

    Article by @amaemi00101

    Audio mixed by @amaemi00101

    Images courtesy of Red-Eye Team and Nicole Indie