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  • Date
    21 JUNE 2023
    Image by

    EROTIKA II - PRIDE FESTIVAL: An Erotic Journey through Queer Desire

    As we celebrate Pride Month, it is crucial to acknowledge the indispensable role that the metaverse and digital art play in fostering LGBTQ+ visibility, acceptance, and equality.

    In this spirit, Red-Eye eagerly joins the revelry, embracing the celebration and advocating for inclusivity and diversity.

    On 2nd and 3th June, the 'EROTIKA Pride Festival' took place at MadArt in Fort Lauderdale (FL). Brace yourself as we delve into the depths of this captivating exhibition and uncover the enigmatic masterminds behind this mesmerizing spectacle.

    ClitSplash is a female founded artistic collective that stands for liberation, equal representation and diverse perspectives on human sexuality. They focus on featuring artwork by women, queer, trans and other sex positive minorities. As they seek to curate high-quality digital art exhibitions and real-life encounters, they also advocate for the proliferation of such works within the metaverse.

    By showcasing the value of human sexuality in digital culture and curating meticulously researched and elaborated art exhibitions, Clitsplash fosters the community towards an "open metaverse". In other words, their aim is to create an economically sustainable metaverse that can ignite diverse forms of artwork while prioritizing safety, fairness, and inclusivity.

    Even throughout the history of art, erotic pleasure has been a common theme, fueled by fantasies and obsessions that express identity. However, Western art's dominance of heteronormative and patriarchal thought has largely upheld the male gaze, which portrays a passive and feminine object of desire. This is why LGBTQ+ artists have played a crucial role in broadening our comprehension of eroticism and identity.

    The "EROTIKA" exhibition series is where LGBTQ+ artists and audiences come together to challenge prevailing perspectives and offer alternative viewpoints. This revolutionary exhibition series transcends the limitations of traditional art spaces, embracing the power of digital art and the metaverse to showcase non-mainstream erotic works in all their diverse splendor. Through the kaleidoscope of artists and expressions, "EROTIKA" celebrates the vast tapestry of identities within the community, pushing the boundaries of what is deemed acceptable and shining a light on the potential for a more inclusive world.

    The exhibition opened on June 2nd in the vibrant city of Florida, in partnership with MadArts, a leading institution for digital art. This unprecedented event brought together 21 exceptional artists from five continents, each presenting their unconventional, top-notch and downright exhilarating erotic art. Prepare to be amazed as they raised the bar since their last exhibition in December 2021 at Miami Art Week.

    This year, attendees were immersed in an unparalleled artistic experience, being transported into a multiplayer metaverse specially designed exclusively for this audience. Within this captivating digital realm, cutting-edge art was showcased, providing unforgettable experiences that captivated the senses and challenged perceptions.

    The artists featured in this series of events are: Ava, Chaallka, cymoonv, DDO__, Dolce Paganne, Harriet Davey, Justyna Kisielewicz, Katie McIntyre, Lana Denina, luluxxx, NINOCENCE, Olga Fedorova, OONA, Ras Alhague, Sasha Katz, theVERSEverse, Veštica,YuYu. These visionaries have pushed the boundaries of creativity and captivated audiences with their innovative and inspiring works.

    Let yourself be entertained like never before with live performances by extraordinary artists such as Daniela Ciocca, Marissa Alma Nick (also known as 'Rebel in Venus'), and Jaqueline Michelle. Their performances elicited laughter, blushes, and introspection, creating an electric atmosphere that resonated with the audience.

    Furthermore, poetry readings ignited the imagination, projections challenged reality, and DJ sets set the stage for joyous and exuberant dance parties. Moreover, book launches left participants wanting to devour more pages, while projections transported them to uncharted realms of wonder.

    Last but not least, engaging conversations with international artists provided a rare opportunity to glimpse into the creative minds behind these masterpieces, both in the digital world and in real life.

    There was a live drop of mostly unseen works of art that left us speechless. In conclusion, let us take a moment to reflect on this unforgettable journey into the realm of eccentric, fun, and mind-blowing art. MadArts has tickled our fancies and challenged our imaginations, both in real life and in the metaverse.

    In this way, we carry with us the inspirations gained, nurturing the flame that will continue to shape our artistic horizons for years to come. The magic doesn't stop after just a couple of days. Thanks to the amazing work of Martin Romeo, an architect and designer extraordinaire, a space has been recreated in the Spatial metaverse to capture all the glory and unforgettable moments of Erotika II - Pride Festival. It's a never-ending journey into a realm of eccentricity, fun, and mind-blowing art that will keep your imagination running wild.