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    24 JANUARY 2023
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    Fashion Meets Innovation: An Interview with Nicandro F. Cendamo

    Welcome to our interview with Nicandro F. Cendamo, Head of Innovation & Partner at Limitless Innovation. Nicandro is a leading figure in the fashion and technology industries, and we're excited to have him with us to discuss the launch of The Global Fashion Innovation Expo, which is part of the Metaverse X Luxury Symposium. This annual technology conference and trade show, taking place in Milan, aims to promote the Worldwide and European start-up ecosystems, and Nicandro will be sharing his insights on how Web3 technology, specifically blockchain, has the potential to revolutionize the fashion and luxury industries. Nicandro's mission is to empower start-ups globally and pave the way for the future of the Metaverse, where the technology and fashion industries will be closely intertwined. He is the perfect person to guide us through the exciting future of the fashion industry, and how blockchain technology can play a role in it. Let's dive in and hear what he has to say!

    Nicandro F. Cendamo as seen by AI, 2023
    Nicandro F. Cendamo as seen by AI, 2023

    Can you tell us about the background and inspiration behind the Global Fashion Innovation Expo?

    The Global Fashion Innovation Expo is the first Chapter and is an annual technology conference and trade show in Milan; the event focuses on showcasing the latest technological innovations, including artificial intelligence, Web 3, virtual reality, and sustainability. The event brings start-ups, scale-up investors, corporates, and tech leaders to share ideas and collaborate on new projects. The inspiration behind the event was to create a platform that would bring together the best and brightest minds in technology to showcase their innovations and facilitate collaboration and partnerships. The event also aims to promote the Worldwide and European start-up ecosystems.

    How do you see the intersection of web3 technology and the fashion and luxury industries evolving in the near future?

    Web3 technology, specifically blockchain, has the potential to revolutionise the fashion and luxury industries by providing transparency and traceability in supply chains, enabling secure and efficient verification of product authenticity, and creating new opportunities for digital ownership and collectability. However, it is essential to note that the technology is still relatively new, and many challenges must be overcome before widespread adoption occurs. Soon, we may see more pilot projects and experiments in the intersection of web3 and fashion/luxury.

    Can you speak about some of the innovative startups that will be presenting at the expo and what sets them apart in the industry?

    Global Fashion Innovation Expo is landing in Milan on the 26th of January, 2023.

    Inside the Unicredit Tower, it will be the first event tailored for key decision makers, international startups, and business guests with fashion & lifestyle brands, investors, digital players, and more to experience the best tech solutions. You can expect start-ups like Mintouge from Farfetch Dream Assembly Base Camp, Switch up, Customix Metaverse, ID Factory, Sustainable Brand Platform, and many more showcasing effective technologies for the metaverse, digital transformation, and circularity in the fashion luxury industry.

    Nicandro F. Cendamo as seen by AI, 2023
    Nicandro F. Cendamo as seen by AI, 2023

    How do you see the metaverse impacting how consumers interact with and purchase luxury fashion in the future?

    The metaverse, a virtual world where users can interact and engage with each other and with virtual objects and experiences, has the potential to greatly impact how consumers interact with and purchase luxury fashion in the future.

    First, it could provide an immersive and interactive shopping experience, allowing consumers to "try on" virtual clothing and accessories in a virtual fitting room or even walk virtually through a virtual store.

    Second, it could enable digital ownership and collectability of luxury fashion items, creating new opportunities for consumers to own and trade virtual versions of them, which could have real-world value.

    Third, it could allow for virtual fashion shows, where designers could showcase their collections in a virtual environment, and consumers could watch and interact with them in real time.

    Lastly, it could also facilitate a more sustainable way of consuming fashion by creating virtual items with less environmental impact and allowing for virtual ownership and renting, reducing the need for physical production and transportation.

    However, it is important to note that the metaverse is still in its early stages of development, and we have a long way to go before its mass adoption. 

    Can you speak to any specific partnerships or collaborations that Limitless Innovation has formed in the web3 and metaverse fashion and luxury space?

    Limitless Innovation organises the event in collaboration with strategic innovation partners, including: 

    Outlier Ventures: accelerating the open metaverse supporting projects across Defi, NFTs, blockchain infrastructure, and more.

    Temera, the leading company supporting businesses with IoT and Blockchain, is specifically designed for the Fashion and Luxury industries.

    UniCredit Start Lab's business platform is dedicated to supporting innovative start-ups in all sectors. 

    Officine Innovazione by Deloitte promotes the culture of innovation and provides its client companies with innovation development and management services.

    FASHION magazine: the leading magazine of news, business, and trends.

    We aim to foster more such partnerships to expand the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

    Don't miss out on the latest insights and information on the Metaverse X Luxury Symposium & the Global Fashion Innovation Expo.

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