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    03 NOVEMBER 2023
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    RADAR Newsletter

    Fashion's Future Unfolds: The Pioneering Latin American Fashion Awards Debut

    The inaugural Latin American Fashion Awards, conceived by fashion icons and visionary founders Constanza Etro and Silvia Argüello, is set to unfold its vibrant narrative against the historic panorama of the Altos de Chavón Amphitheatre in the Dominican Republic. These awards, a confluence of tradition and avant-garde, are the brainchild of individuals who are not just observers but active architects of the fashion world.

    As the stage is set for the Latin American Fashion Awards, everyone's buzzing about who will take home the top honors. We've got all the details on the nominees and the hype surrounding this landmark event.

    Founded by fashion powerhouses Constanza Etro and Silvia Argüello, this festival is more than just a nod to style—it's a recognition of Latin American talent hitting the global scene. With Constanza Etro, heralded as one of Italy's most influential women by Forbes Italia, and Silvia Argüello, with her two-decade-strong fashion lineage spanning Paris to Milan, at the helm, the event is sure to be nothing short of iconic. 

    The Latin American Fashion Awards herald a new era in fashion, one that celebrates the daring spirit of the youth and the richness of Latin American creativity. As the much-anticipated awards night of November 4th draws near, we prepare to celebrate the artistry and innovation that these awards seek to spotlight.

    The event honors a diverse array of talents across numerous categories, each nominee a beacon of the vibrant potential that characterizes the region's fashion forward landscape. As we inch closer to the grand reveal, let's spotlight the nominees, each a unique hue in the kaleidoscope of fashion excellence. 

    Dominican Republic Local Star

    A category close to the host nation's heart, the Dominican Republic Local Star nominees are the custodians of Dominican creativity:

    Giannina Azar

    Indo Mita

    Le Blanc Studios

    Lineisy Montero

    Tiempo de Zafra

    Yoanny Garcia


    Le Blanc Studios

    Emerging Photographer of the Year

    Capturing moments, weaving stories, the nominees for Emerging Photographer of the Year are the eyes through which we witness the unfolding saga of fashion:

    Elliot & Erick

    Gleeson Paulino

    Pedro Napolinario

    Santiago Sierra


    Pedro Napolinário

    Fashion Influencer of the Year

    Digital mavens and trendsetters, the Fashion Influencer of the Year nominees have transformed pixels into a language of fashion:

    Andrea Zuckermann

    Babba Rivera

    Camila Coutinho

    Laura Tobon

    Marina Testino

    Zaya Guarani


    Zaya Guarani

    Fashion Artist of the Year

    The alchemists of aesthetics, the Fashion Artist of the Year nominees, have wielded their tools to transmute garments into art:

    Chino Castilla, stylist

    Marcelo Gutierrez, makeup artist

    Stephania Yepes, stylist


    Marcelo Gutierrez

    Fashion Photographer of the Year

    A photograph is worth a thousand words, and the Fashion Photographer of the Year nominees have authored epics:

    Camila Falquez


    Sofia & Mauro


    Mar+Vin (Marcos Florentino + Kelvin Yule)

    Model of the Year

    Striding with confidence and poise, the Model of the Year nominees are the visages that have become synonymous with contemporary fashion:

    America Gonzalez

    Devyn Garcia

    Hiandra Martinez

    Lineisy Montero



    Devyn Garcia

    Fashion Film of the Year

    In Fashion Film of the Year, the magic of cinema meets the allure of haute couture:

    Divina by Ode

    Regreso a Venezuela by Marco Diaz

    Rito by Mar+Vin

    The Desert Spirit by Mauricio Sierra



    Artisanal Project of the Year

    The Artisanal Project of the Year category celebrates the confluence of culture and craftsmanship:

    A New Cross


    Carla Fernandez

    Joao Maraschin

    Mozhdeh Matin



    Carla Fernandez

    Responsible Project of the Year

    The nominees for the Responsible Project of the Year are the vanguards of sustainability in fashion:




    Ponto Firme

    Vistete de Sueños

    Their initiatives underscore a commitment to an eco-conscious narrative, underlining the ethos of responsible creation. 


    Accessories Brand of the Year

    Accessories are the exclamation points of fashion, and the Accessories Brand of the Year nominees have crafted poetry in every piece:

    Daniel Villegas

    Fernando Jorge

    Paula Mendoza



    Paula Mendoza

    Emerging Designer/Brand of the Year

    The Emerging Designer/Brand of the Year nominees are the architects of tomorrow's fashion:

    À cheval



    Elena Velez

    Karoline Vitto

    Lucas Leão


    Elena Velez

    Brand of the Year

    Icons and trailblazers, the Brand of the Year nominees have each become a byword for excellence:

    Agua by Agua Bendita


    Farm Rio

    Johanna Ortiz


    Nous Etudions


    BOTTER Caribbean Couture By @lisiherrebrugh @rushemybotter

    Designer of the Year

    The Designer of the Year nominees are the maestros orchestrating the forward symphony of Latin American fashion:

    Johanna Ortiz

    Rodarte Laura & Kate Mulleavy

    Luar Raul Lopez

    Stella Jean

    Willy Chavarria


    Willy Chavarria

    And there is much more to discover. The headlines? Colombian-born maestro J Balvin bags the "Latin Fashion Icon of the Year" award. It's a big deal, and rightly so. Balvin isn't just about the beats; his style game is serious business, echoing the awards' ethos of dreaming big and lifting communities. The buzz is that Balvin's set to ignite the stage with a half-time show that'll have everyone talking.

    Presided over by the eminent Haider Ackermann, the jury is a constellation of fashion's most revered figures, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the discerning task of honoring the brightest stars in the Latin American fashion firmament. This prestigious panel is the custodian of merit, ensuring that each accolade is a reflection of unparalleled artistry and innovation.

    And as we roll out the red carpet at the Altos de Chavón Amphitheatre in the Dominican Republic, it's not just about the glitz. It's a movement, a celebration of the rich tapestry of Latin American creativity. Everyone's got their eyes on that trophy, crafted by none other than the artist Studio Lenca, symbolizing the artistry at the heart of the region.

    So, what's the lowdown for our readers at RADAR by RED-EYE? With the awards ceremony dropping tomorrow, November 4th, don't miss a beat. It's not just an event; it's history in the making for Latin American fashion. Stay tuned, and follow the Latin American Fashion Awards to watch the legends rise. 


    AI-Generated text edited by @gloriamariagallery