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  • Date
    19 JUNE 2023
    Image by

    An Exploration of Fluid Architecture in the Prada Menswear SS24 Collection

    In the realm of fashion, where the human body becomes a canvas for artistic expression, the Prada menswear collection for Spring/Summer 2024 emerges as a captivating exploration of fluid architecture. Designed by the visionary minds of Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, this collection manifests an absolute freedom of the body, reinventing the foundations of garments that adorn it. With a profound philosophy that questions conventional norms, Prada challenges us to embrace an expanded perception of the self and to delve into the depths of our individual liberation.

    A Departure from Tradition: The shirt, traditionally considered a basic element of attire, takes on a new significance in this collection. Its structure and details serve as the launching point for a transformative journey that touches every facet of menswear - from suits to raincoats, active sportswear to reporter jackets. This reimagined construction invites us to reconsider the very essence of our sartorial choices and to explore the paradox between silhouette and materiality. The collection's simple beginnings ultimately lead us to a profound awareness of the body within and its yearning for liberation.

    Fluctuating Rapport: At the heart of the Prada menswear collection lies an inquiry into the conventional language of rigid tailoring. Lightness and softness infuse each garment, creating a mesmerizing interplay between the body and its clothing. This fluidity challenges our preconceived notions and unveils a new dimension of self-expression. Headbands and eyewear, molded from singular pieces, appear as fragments of motion captured in time. Leather bags, unexpectedly softened to the touch, become extensions of our fluid existence.

    Presence through Absence: Silhouettes borrow lines from the realm of masculine suiting, yet their structure defies expectations by embracing intrinsic flexibility. Shirting construction transposes to tailored garments, reconstituting their archetypal silhouettes with delicate fragility. Through this metamorphosis, the collection blurs the boundaries between various sartorial disciplines, existing in a new space where innovation thrives.

    Challenging Purpose and Function: The Prada menswear collection for Spring/Summer 2024 dares to question the fundamental notions of purpose and function in fashion. Expanding on the concept of expansion itself, the collection embraces the art of elaboration. Decoration takes on a three-dimensional form, breathing new life into the floral print by employing corsages and fringe, animating the static with a dynamic energy. Even utilitarian pockets, traditionally bound to functionality, find themselves transformed into decorative devices, further blurring the lines between the practical and the ornamental.

    Fluidity as a Reflection of Humanity: Beyond the realm of fabric and form, the concept of fluidity extends to the very essence of human existence. The showspace at the Deposito of the Fondazione Prada embodies this expansion, with abstract walls that evoke fluid interruptions, forming an ever-shifting enfilade through which the models process. These enigmatic clothes serve as mirrors reflecting our natural state - the dynamic movement and constant transformation inherent to humanity itself.

    Text by Gloria Maria Cappelletti

    Images Courtesy PRADA Press Office and RED-EYE Metazine Team