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    01 OCTOBER 2022
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    Artist’s spotlight: interview with Giacomo Piovesan

    Giacomo Piovesan is an Italian art director and visual designer, that learned 3D software during the pandemic and now collaborates with A-list brands, exhibits in New York and creates unique fashion art pieces. Passionate about Visual Communication for years, Giacomo went from photography to graphic design up to User Experience and 3D.

    He is always looking for new stimuli and experiences that lead him to both personal and professional growth. Extremely determined and ambitious, he enjoys working in a team and working on the creative direction of projects with a holistic approach. Giacomo has a 'green' approach and loves to add natural elements in his creations.

    As a self-made artist, he now inspires many creative people in the digital field and we are thrilled to share his story with you. 

    Ophelia by Giacomo Piovesan
    Ophelia by Giacomo Piovesan

    Giacomo, when did you first start designing clothes?

    Since I moved to Milan in 2018 my interest in fashion has increased significantly and from there I have started creating sketches for my clothes and fashion accessories.

    How did you get started in digital fashion? 

    Being a photographer, during the pandemic, it was really difficult to organize a photo shoot with models, clothes, lighting sets, etc. So I had to adapt and start studying 3D as a self-taught for being able to create my digital fashion items.

    What were the most interesting projects you worked on?

    In July 2021 I collaborated with Adidas to release the new Adidas 4D, a collaboration that saw the 4 dimensions as the protagonist, expressed with real shots and 3D elements. Although to be honest they are some of my artworks that have brought me more results in terms of personal experience, very important above all for letting me get out of the creative blocks that we artists often have. 

    Giacomo Piovesan collabo with Adidas
    Giacomo Piovesan collabo with Adidas
    Giacomo Piovesan collabo with Adidas
    Giacomo Piovesan collabo with Adidas
    Giacomo Piovesan collabo with Adidas
    Giacomo Piovesan collabo with Adidas

    What was the highest price you were offered for your art piece?

    The work that I have sold at the highest price, for now, is ATARA-XIA, sold on the platform. It is a 3D loop animation that I exhibited at the Superchief gallery in New York and in Valle Camonica digital week, the price was 2 ETH (2350 €).

    ATARA-XIA by G. Piovesan
    ATARA-XIA by G. Piovesan

    Which tools do you prefer to use to create your designs?

    For my projects, it is inevitable to design on paper, first of all, then as the main software, I use Blender (octane) and for the whole part of creating 3D clothes I use Marvelous Designer. Then obviously Photoshop and Adobe premiere for the last details.  

    What do you seek to add to the world as a creator?

    My goal often changes over the years, but if I am sure of one thing it is that I want to create something important that will last over the years, I still don't know what, but one day I will know. For now, my goal is to exploit the technology behind web3 to create a bridge between the digital world of NFT works and the physical one, with an eye on analogue. To create experiential events but also design objects and fashion items.

    What is the most innovative advancement with digital fashion?

    I think that digital fashion is beneficial against the phenomenon of fast fashion, a correct use of it would prevent possible flops of garments or collections, and therefore avoid pollution. Also, I think that AR technology (for digital fashion) is not yet developed enough to wear 3D clothes in the physical world, I think it is more useful to dress up your avatar, in a metaverse, without having any kind of limits.

    “Extraplanetary Fashion” 001
    “Extraplanetary Fashion” 001

    What do you think your future will look like 5 years from now?

    In 5 years I hope to be able to create only personal works for a living, without taking any kind of commission. I hope I will already launch the creative label, that I have had in mind for a while. Also, I know that in 5 years my skills will increase so I can't wait to know the "me" of the future.

    What do you love about your job?

    About my job I love the fact that I can manage my time as I want, use the creativity that I have inside since I was a child and be able to stay at home to create. But above all not to have a "Boss" who tells me what I can and cannot do. I am the Art director of myself.

    What is your favourite thing about fashion?

    I can't see fashion as a social phenomenon but as one of the exponents of human expression. Thanks to fashion you can make people understand how you feel or simply how you want to look. Thanks to fashion we are able to tell stories without having to speak or move. Fashion is aesthetic but also research, study, and experimentation.

    If you could wear only one brand’s clothes, which brand would that be?

    Definitely Balenciaga, I love all their vision, and their desire to go against current standards. 
    Demna Gvsalia is one of my mentors, capable of creating shapes and concepts that many brands can only dream of. 
    Surely as soon as I can afford it, I will have my whole Balenciaga wardrobe.