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  • Date
    20 FEBRUARY 2023
    Image by

    Harriet Davey: Reimagining the Human Form in Expansive Ways


    Harriet Davey is a Berlin-based 3D artist who has gained recognition for her stunning, otherworldly creations. Her work reimagines the human form in beautiful, expansive ways, creating a world that is just a little more glistening, a little more light-filled, and a little more alien-like.

    Davey's technical precision and experimentation give way to ethereal, post-earth imaginings. Her avatars are striking and often seem to be glowing from within, radiating a sense of otherworldliness and wonder. She has a keen eye for detail and color, often incorporating bold hues and textures that lend her work an otherworldly quality.

    One of Davey's most striking creations is a series of creatures that seem to float in a magic space, their bodies made of thousands of tiny beads that shimmer and refract light in mesmerizing ways. These creatures appear almost weightless, as if they could float away at any moment, and their intricate, delicate design is a testament to Davey's technical skill as an artist.



    Davey's work often draws inspiration from science fiction and fantasy, as well as from the natural world. She is fascinated by the idea of creating new life forms, of imagining what creatures might exist in other worlds or dimensions. Her work is not only visually stunning but also thought-provoking, as she challenges us to imagine the possibilities of the unknown.

    In addition to her digital art, Davey is also known for her work as a 3D artist for video games and other media. Her skills in 3D modeling and animation have made her a sought-after collaborator for a variety of projects, and she has worked with major brands and companies in the tech and entertainment industries.

    What sets Davey apart from other 3D artists is her ability to imbue her creations with a sense of humanity and emotion. Even though her avatars and creatures may not be human in form, they often seem to possess a certain vulnerability or sensitivity that is relatable and moving. She creates worlds that are at once strange and familiar, transporting the viewer to a realm that is both awe-inspiring and inviting.

    Harriet Davey is a talented and innovative 3D artist who has captivated audiences with her stunning and otherworldly creations. Her technical precision, attention to detail, and experimentation with color and texture have made her a standout in the field of digital art, and her work challenges us to imagine new possibilities for the future of art and technology.



    We invite our community of creators and 3D enthusiasts to watch our exclusive video interview with Harriet Davey, as she preciously shares her creative process and how she uses digital tools to bring her stunning, otherworldly creations to life. She also shares her inspirations, which range from science fiction and fantasy to the natural world and the human form.

    Throughout the interview, Davey's passion for 3D art and animation is evident, as she speaks about the joy and challenge of creating new worlds and creatures. She also discusses the importance of collaboration and community in the world of digital art, and how she has found inspiration and support from other artists and creators.