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    31 MARCH 2023
    Image by

    HGVIS is the community-driven digital fashion platform you need to know

    The Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 held both in Decentraland and Spatial gave rise to many unique fashion shows and exhibitions, one of which was the collective project hosted by HGVIS and preciously supported by The Immersive Kind, a creative digital fashion and metaverse arts collective that creates unique experiences. You can experience the event here on Spatial at this link.

    HGVIS is a community-driven digital fashion platform dedicated to bridging the digital and physical worlds to empower designers to build their own successful and sustainable fashion brands. In the occasion of Metaverse Fashion week, HGVIS presented upcoming talented designers that are students at NABA: YIQIN ZHU, Astin Beachy Head, Merve Karali, ChialiHung, Hilal Karakas, Théo François, Hilal Karakas, Samia Saad and Greg Tranchat, to showcase their creativity and innovations, connect with other like-minded individuals and create new opportunities.

    This captivating exhibition established virtual space as an important domain for creators and artists to explore new forms of artistic expression and engagement with audiences online. It also highlighted how immersive technologies (such as virtual reality and augmented reality) are being used to create experiences that can reach out beyond physical galleries or other traditional types of venues. Additionally the project emphasized community interaction above all else – inviting guests not only to enjoy content but engage socially via avatar self expressions with others attending at any given moment.

    It was a great success due to the high quality creative work showcasing extremely innovative ways individuals engage in dialogue with fashion and technology both inside and outside established norms – making this experience truly unforgettable!

    We at RED-EYE decided to have a chat with the designers to get to know more about their collection and their vison of the future of digital fashion.

    #YIQIN ZHU- Founder of HGVIS Her collection “Expression” aims to express the beauty and diversity of the world and celebrate the power of self-expression, push the boundaries of what is possible in fashion. She mentioned that creations are not limited by physical materials, and with the support of the community, the possibilities for digital fashion are endless. (With the collaboration avatar from THE IMMERSIVE KIND, their work was shown at London Digital Fashion Week 2023).

    #THEO is the designer of the “Delusionalz”&”Teeth grinderz” collections As a fashion designer, he see himself as a creative, forward-thinking individual with a passion for exploring the intersection of technology, luxury, and sustainability in the fashion industry. His style is influenced by the cypherpunk movement and the idea that fashion can be used as a platform to express personal beliefs and messages.

    When it comes to his personal style, he prefers to experiment with bold colors and statement pieces that convey a sense of confidence and individuality. He also places a strong emphasis on inclusivity in his designs, striving to create pieces that can be worn and appreciated by people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

    In terms of his design philosophy, Theo believes that fashion has the power to bring positive change in the world. By embracing new technologies and innovative techniques, we can create more sustainable and ethical fashion practices that benefit both the environment and the people involved in the production process. Additionally, he believes that luxury should not only be about material possessions, but also about the values and beliefs that we hold dear.

    Overall, his self-portrait in the world of fashion is a creative and conscientious individual who is passionate about using fashion as a mean of self-expression, inclusivity, and positive change.It is a great opportunity to build and participate to new emerging fashion trends, that's why he was very interested into showcasing his design with HGVIS.

    #Merve Karali is the designer of the ”Lost Home” collection The designer created this collection based on her own life, experiences, emotions, and questions in her mind. She believes that everyone has their own unique universe. She wants to tell the story of those who are searching for their homes like herself and to share her own universe with us. The story is about someone who wakes up in the metaverse in their dream and is searching for their home. As a designer, she is happy to have the opportunity to showcase her collection in the emerging field of the metaverse with HGVIS. Merve sees metaverse and fashion as siblings now, belonging to the same family. She believes that we are creating a new reality from our dreams with the metaverse, saying "The future is in our dreams".                                                                                                                                                  

    #ASTIN LILA - designer of MOD a collection of wardrobe essentials with a multifunctional, multimodal twist. MOD uses quality fabrics, classic silhouettes, and your standard everyday-use garments to bring alive a new view on sustainability. With a focus on lowering the impact caused by overconsumption and fast fashion, MOD brings a fresh take on long lasting staple pieces while maintaining variety, innovation and an overall excitement for fashion. ASTIN LILA feels honored to be included in the HGVIS showcase, kickstarting an exciting journey into the future of fashion in the Metaverse. We at ASTIN LILA believe the Metaverse is an incredible opportunity for equal representation without limits, and will be an influential platform in bringing small brands into the spotlight. We can’t wait to see how far this can go. 

    #Hilal Karakas- designer of Maternity of Man Her collection aim to challenge the traditional perception of parenting roles and promote shared responsibility. As a fashion designer, she is thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase the works by HGVIS in the emerging field of the metaverse. She believes that the Metaverse Fashion Week Exhibition represents a new and exciting chapter in the fashion industry, where technology, innovation, and creativity come together to create a whole new world of possibilities.

    #CHIALI HUNG, a founder of CHIANILINA that is dedicated to creating a wearable art and sustainable world through thoughtful design.  CHIANILINA believes that garment can be presented in various forms, both physical and virtual are full of possibilities. It is the most irreplaceable to infuse our stories through the ingenious thinking of designers. It’s a great opportunity to present the possibility in the field of Metaverse with HGVIS. It’s not only about the technology and innovation, but the creativity with collaboration.  

    #Samia Saad - designer of “Deep Dark” The collection showcases the personal feeling between the designer and the sea. It show’s the “dark” side you can experience in the water. That cold and deep unknown part, which feels like it’s tearing you down in the dark and unknown.

    Samia wants to share her story of almost drowning in the sea in Marrocco a few years ago. By creating that collection she shared that feeling by making heavy, dark clothes which give you the feeling of being dragged down.

    She’s very intrigued by the Metaverse and believes that a lot of diverse, new and innovative work will be able to have the opportunity to showcase their work like she did through HGVIS.

    #Greg Tranchant - Creator of ZEPHIR high-end men's brand. As a fashion designer he describe himself as wanting to embellish man, to make him charismatic, elegant, that he feels good in his clothes and that he can feel free. Thanks to the art that he create, he want to allow people to escape for a moment from this world, to dream and to question themselves.

    By telling a story and passing on a message through his collections. The metaverse gives him a new opportunity to do so. It's fascinating how the world expands and at the same time exciting to participate. A new tune begins!