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    01 NOVEMBER 2023
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    In Conversation with Stephy Fung from 3D Animation to becoming Digital Fashion's Leading Light

    In a recent interview, we had the privilege of speaking with Stephy Fung, a prominent figure in the world of digital fashion. Stephy's unique blend of cultural heritage and cutting-edge technology sets her apart in a rapidly evolving industry. She discussed with RED-EYE her journey, creative process, and her upcoming appearance at the Met Amsterdam conference.

    Stephy Fung's journey into the world of digital fashion began in 2020. She was introduced to the space while working on a collaborative project with the founders of the Institute of Digital Fashion. Their collective, DigiGalx, showcased 3D designers and artists, many of whom were women and members of the LGBTQ+ community. This marked a significant shift from the predominantly male-dominated 3D animation field.

    Working with DigiGalx opened up a world of possibilities, and it was this project that introduced Stephy to digital fashion. The collaboration involved digitalizing a physical collection for the renowned luxury department store, Selfridges. Stephy's background in 3D animation made her a valuable asset to the team, and this experience was pivotal in shaping her future in digital fashion.

    One of Stephy Fung's defining features is her ability to seamlessly blend her British and Chinese cultural backgrounds in her creations. She recognizes the dual identity many people with diverse cultural backgrounds experience. This fusion of cultures allows her to create garments that pay homage to traditional Chinese elements while embracing modern streetwear cuts and shapes. “ the beauty of digital fashion is the fact that I'm able to push out my story” said Fung.

    Stephy's appreciation for traditional Chinese designs and vivid colors shines through in her work. She believes that these elements are not only beautiful but also unique and rare to find in the fashion industry. She seeks to share this cultural richness with the world through her creations.

    Throughout the interview, Stephy recognizes the power of social media in promoting and connecting with audiences in the digital fashion realm. She uses her platform not only to showcase her final designs but also to share her creative process. “I think digital fashion works really well on social media and not just digital fashion, but anything that is visual based.”

    As a self-taught designer, she believes in giving back by offering insights into her work. In today's era of authenticity, people want to connect with creators and understand the story behind the art. Social media serves as a medium to educate, market, and engage with a global audience.  “I believe for me, as an educator and content creator as well, it's a way for us to educate people about the space. But also just as an artist who needs to make a living. It's the way that I communicate to my audience, to get eyes on my work, to get clients, to get people to understand my process.” added Stephy.

    Stephy Fung is set to appear on a panel at the upcoming Met Amsterdam conference. The panel will feature renowned figures in the digital fashion space, such as Jeff Staple and Adriana from the Fabricant. They will discuss emerging technologies, trends shaping online identity, and the integral role of technology in digital fashion. Stephy is excited to delve into the tech behind digital fashion, its benefits, and its limitations.

    She believes that digital fashion's future is not limited to the digital realm; it extends to augmented reality, the metaverse, and physical pieces. She plans to share her insights on how digital fashion can adapt to different formats and continue to push boundaries.

    “I am looking much forward to talk about the tech behind digital fashion, about how technology is so integral for this space and of course the benefits of it with also its limitations”

    Her participation in the Met Amsterdam conference promises an insightful discussion on the future of digital fashion and technology's role in shaping online identity. Stephy Fung is undoubtedly a visionary in the digital fashion world, and her creations and insights continue to captivate and inspire. We look forward to witnessing her contributions to this dynamic event and ever-evolving industry.

    Interview by @danieleverse

    Images courtesy @stephyfung

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