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  • Daniel Face

    Daniel Face

    Editorial Director

    Born in Italy and currently based in London, Daniel Face is a dynamic digital curator and 360-degree communicator, celebrated for his exceptional talents in visual storytelling and editorial direction. With a profound passion for innovation and an innate flair for new aesthetics, Daniel explores various creative domains with unmatched enthusiasm.
    His journey in the fashion and creative industries began to flourish during his time at London College of Fashion, where he cultivated his skills and eventually took on significant roles within luxury and communication landscapes. Daniel's impressive portfolio boasts collaborations with esteemed names such as Dior, Richard Quinn, Vivienne Westwood, GayTimes, and London Fashion Week.

    In addition to his editorial and interview work, Daniel's role as curator and juror for the prestigious fashion film festival ASVOFF by Diane Pernet underscores his deep involvement in the intersection of fashion and film. His discerning eye and keen understanding of emerging trends have contributed to shaping the landscape of fashion film.

    Collaborating with Tafari Hinds, Daniel spearheaded groundbreaking projects that fuse fashion with cutting-edge technology. Their collaboration resulted in one of the first fashion AI movies titled "Avatar Reborn," blending real-life garments with the transformative power of AI, pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the digital age. This groundbreaking film not only pushed the limits of technology but also garnered recognition, winning the London Fashion Film Festival.
    Moreover, Daniel's innovative approach to reviewing and visualizing fashion shows sets him apart as a visionary in the field. His pioneering efforts in showcasing fashion events both in the metaverse and across online and social media platforms have revolutionized the way audiences experience and interact with fashion, bridging the gap between physical and digital realms.

    As Editorial Director at RED-EYE World, Daniel is at the forefront of directing the new generation of Web 3 talents and shaping the Metaverse creative sphere. Daniel actively contributes to the digital fashion and creative scene, organizing panel talks, interviews, and public installations to promote innovation, sustainability, and Web3 culture.
    Notably, Daniel orchestrated the first Metaverse Fashion Week with Auroboros, a groundbreaking event that captured global attention. The week-long extravaganza culminated in a virtual performance by Grimes, marking a milestone in the fusion of fashion, technology, and entertainment.

    Daniel's endeavors exemplify his commitment to pushing creative boundaries and exploring the limitless possibilities of digital technology in fashion and beyond. His visionary approach continues to inspire and shape the future of the industry, bridging the realms of reality and virtuality with unparalleled creativity and innovation.