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    16 JANUARY 2023
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    IUTER FW23: A Reflective Embodiment of Street Culture and Urban Aesthetics


    The IUTER FW23 presentation was a true reflection of the brand's urban aesthetic, as models were showcased sitting on custom modified city scooters. This display of personal research on the daily stage of gatherings is intrinsic to the DNA of IUTER, both for those who create and those who purchase the brand's clothing. The FW23 collection is a concentrated embodiment of everything that has defined and continues to define the spirit of IUTER - an audacious mix of awareness, technique, and recklessness, perfected over 20 years of street culture. From modified scooters on the runway to technical jacket show-offs, IUTER continues to push the boundaries of street style.


    IUTER FW23 by RED-EYE Metazine
    IUTER FW23 by RED-EYE Metazine


    IUTER is a Milan-based independent brand that was founded in 2002 and quickly established itself as a continuously expanding community. It draws its roots from the urban subculture landscape, moving beyond its original context by reconciling the irony, playfulness, and experimental nature of its roots with the art and refinement of Italian tailoring. The IUTER FW23 Spirit collection is the first drop of the 'IUTER Collection', a premium selection characterized by attention to detail, available for a select group of retailers.


    IUTER FW23 by RED-EYE Metazine
    IUTER FW23 by RED-EYE Metazine


    The IUTER FW23 collection is a perfect representation of the brand's DNA, which is defined by a mix of awareness, technique, and recklessness, honed over 20 years of street culture. The collection includes collaborations with military specialists Alpha Industries, Italian tuning masters Polini, and the cult series Twin Peaks by David Lynch. It features leather racing jackets with embroidery and inlaid patches, oversized patch flight jackets, and leather jackets with Laura Palmer prints.


    IUTER FW23 by RED-EYE Metazine
    IUTER FW23 by RED-EYE Metazine


    The collection also includes denim garments with two-needle stitching, custom paisley embroidery, velvet prints, 3D reverse-textured Cordura® garments, three-layer shell garments with thermal bonding, embroidered details with crystal and sequin inserts, reflective Majotech® fabrics, pearl inserts and many other special effects. For the first time, IUTER is introducing female clothing and accessories, including a set of jewelry and a logo bag, while continuing to push iconic pieces such as high-quality leather garments, all-over logo puffer jackets, double knee garments, and other workwear-inspired pieces.




    Gloria Maria Cappelletti, Editor in Chief & Creative Director

    Martin Romeo, Metaverse Designer

    Donald Gjoka, Editorial Director

    Eleonora Pirisi, Features Editor

    Tanya Pletneva, 3D Graphic Designer



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