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    11 OCTOBER 2023
    Image by

    Lartique & Niooeffect lead a wave of new fashion trends with emerging designer brands at Paris Fashion Week

    Niooeffect is a label formed by a group of young individuals from various fields within the fashion and art industry. They cover fashion public relations, event planning, brand strategy, and channel expansion, providing comprehensive support for emerging designer brands looking to enter the European market.

    LARTIQUE, as a concept store and digital marketplace, prides itself on its commitment to curating a selection of designs, clothing, accessories, and artwork from up-and-coming artists and designers around the globe. Their mission is clear: provide a curated and unique selection of products that connect to an overarching theme, offer excellent service, and share compelling narratives with their audience. By doing so, they aim to create multi-sensory shopping experiences that accelerate brand growth and raise awareness through contemporary art exhibitions. 

    For this year's Paris Fashion Week, Lartique and Niooeffect joined forces to lead two artists, Heather Wong and Red Longo, and several emerging designer brands from both the East and West. Located on Rue de la Paix, adjacent to Place Vendôme, the event was themed "Digital Nomads," intertwining fashion and digital art to present a captivating tapestry of innovation.

    The core concept of "Digital Nomads" revolves around the notions of "freedom and fluidity," reflecting the contemporary lifestyle of young people who embody the spirit of nomadic tribes. Similar to traditional nomadic tribes, these individuals lack a fixed workplace or residence, instead embarking on creative and nomadic journeys guided by inner impulses and inspirations.

    Heather Wong, a prominent digital artist, showcased her remarkable works during the event, perfectly embodying the combination of technology and creative expression. Her artwork showcased the infinite potential of digital art and undoubtedly left a profound impression on all attendees.

    The artsy highlight of the event was undoubtedly Red Longo, a visual artist from Milan, discovered graffiti in his early teens, which became his medium to communicate with the world. Carrying his signature "brush," he embarked on a nomadic journey to Paris, collaborating with Lartique X Niooeffect, and a multitude of emerging designers from the East and West to create this innovative tapestry.

    In addition to the talented artists, numerous brands made their mark at LARTIQUE this season. Brands such as Giorgia Andreazza, Roaring Wild, Attempt, Of Hunger, D5ove, Ann Andelman, Flowersbirdsamarket, Aokinside, Anno Mundi, Tam Tuas, Duren, Mad Maiden, Zamorevs, Sultry Virgin, Human World, Centrifuga x Taishiism, and MTG contributed to the remarkable diversity of styles and aesthetics on display.

    Lartique X Nioo Effect the Digital Nomad Edition, serves as a testament to the power of cooperation, creation, and innovation. This event injected vitality into the concept of "Digital Nomads," capturing the essence of the nomadic spirit among contemporary young people through the medium of digital art and fashion. As the fashion industry continues to evolve, events like these remind us that the boundaries between art and fashion are becoming increasingly blurred, providing exciting new possibilities for creative expression.

    Moreover, for Lartique and Niooeffect, new opportunities symbolize new adventures and optimism. Similar to many young individuals pursuing different horizon. We still need adventure to excitement in the future. Stay tuned for an upcoming surprise that we have planned for you.


    Article by @danieleverse & @metafari_

    Music Performance: @iamkailys