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    13 MARCH 2023
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    Meet 888Vampires, the limitless potential of digital fashion in an interview with RED-EYE.


    Get ready to meet Minh Thuan, also known as 888Vampires - a talented digital artist from Vietnam. With a keen eye for creating one-of-a-kind, eye-catching digital garments, 888Vampires has attracted a significant following on social media, as well as various collaborations. His work is both futuristic and ethereal, with a focus on intricate details and bold colors that make his pieces stand out. 888Vampires believes that the possibilities of digital fashion are endless. He sees it as a platform that allows designers to explore their creativity without the limitations of physical materials and manufacturing processes.



    Hi 888vampire, can you tell us about your background and how you found yourself in the digital art space, did you explore other forms of art first?

    My name is Minh Thuan, and I go by the name 888Vampires in the digital art space. I come from a suburb in Vietnam and currently work as a freelance digital artist on various projects worldwide. Prior to becoming a digital artist, I was a student learning and exploring different design softwares. I have dabbled in various design styles ranging from traditional forms like painting to other forms of art, but I found designing digital outfits to be the most fun and inspiring for me. This is because I have a passion for fashion. In the 3D design space, I can freely express my creativity and create designs that catch the eye. As a result, my designs have garnered attention over time.



    What attracted you to designing digital garments as opposed to physical ones?

     I initially had a passion for metallic reflections in my art, but then I discovered the chrome aesthetic on an Instagram account called @chrometype in 2021. There, my friend Joey, who is an admin, introduced me to a lot of chrome art across many styles and artists. This heavily influenced me, and I started to search for ways to make my own chrome art. I worked and learned new skills almost every day and constantly updated my posts during that time. Gradually, I found that my best work was in designing digital garments in the chrome art style. It was my first time such garments, and I didn't have high hopes for it initially. However, to my surprise, people on my Instagram loved and responded to it. I then experimented with making clothes in CGI on models, and even tried an unofficial collaboration with Jennie from Blackpink which worked quite well. Since then, I have found a new source of customers in the fashion segment. The key is to keep trying new things until we get the results we want. Now, I am able to design any type of clothes, accessories, and shoes according to my own identity and style.



    Which artists, either from the past or present, have influenced or motivated you?

    One designer that has particularly influenced me is Iris van Herpen. I fell in love with her designs after accidentally watching her Spring 2021 haute couture show. Her designs are unmistakable, with a very mysterious and mythical nuance. They always inspire me to push myself to create new and better clothes in digital fashion.



    Can you share some of the narratives that influence your work?

    My work is heavily influenced by the narratives and cultures of Asia, particularly where I was born. I mostly draw inspiration from the people.



    How do you approach creating a unique and recognizable brand for your digital fashion designs?

    I focus on using different materials and designing unconventional shapes to make my clothes stand out. Through this approach, I have developed a personal style that is distinct and easily recognizable. As digital fashion is still in its infancy in Vietnam, I am taking gradual steps to promote it to a wider audience. I believe that by introducing people to the potential of digital fashion, I can help create a new market for this emerging industry.

    Also, to create my designs, I use a variety of design software, including CD4, ZBrush, Blender, Photoshop, and Daz3d. In the future, I plan to expand my skills by learning software like CLO3D and Unreal. I am also excited to experiment with AI technology to see how it can enhance my designs. While there is always a risk of disappointment, there is also the potential for unimaginable possibilities.




    What role do you see digital fashion playing in shaping the culture and community within the metaverse?

    I believe that digital fashion has the potential to revolutionize the fashion industry by providing more diverse and unique designs than traditional fashion. Digital fashion is not limited by physical properties or materials, and it can be created much faster. However, one of its drawbacks is that it is not tangible. As online tools continue to develop, digital fashion will become increasingly popular and influential in shaping the culture and community within the metaverse. I am excited about the possibilities and hope to see more people around the world embrace digital fashion in the future.




    Images courtesy of @888vampires


    Interview by @nilsuoztrk