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    24 SEPTEMBER 2023
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    Mutating Aesthetics, Unity in Diversity, and new Digital Frontiers. An interview with threeASFOUR.

    Welcome to an illuminating journey into the ever-evolving realm of threeASFOUR, where the boundaries of artistry, fashion, and technology blur to create a distinctive brand identity. In this exclusive interview, we delve deep into the heart of threeASFOUR's ethos—a journey characterized by perpetual transformation and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity. With an unwavering focus on mutating aesthetics, threeASFOUR pioneers the fusion of traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, bridging the physical and digital worlds in pursuit of innovative fashion solutions. Rooted in the principle of unity in diversity, the brand's unique design approach embraces interconnectedness, both among human beings and across diverse species, cultures, and environments. 

    Join us with co-founder Gabriel Asfour as we explore the motivating forces behind the transition from "AsFOUR" to "threeASFOUR" and how this shift has propelled the brand into new frontiers. Discover the delicate dance between artistic innovation and wearable fashion, as threeASFOUR continues to challenge conventional norms while venturing into the exciting landscape of digital aesthetics. Learn about the integral role material selection plays in shaping their aesthetic vision, both in the physical and digital realms, and how sustainability is seamlessly integrated into their creative process. Get a glimpse into the future as the threeASFOUR path continues to merge with the digital realm, promising exciting ventures that stay true to their core philosophy of transformative energies and aesthetics.

    FW23 Couture “Parallel Universe” by @threeasfour x @placebo_dfh

    The journey of threeASFOUR is one of continual evolution and transformation. Can you elaborate on how your pursuit of mutating aesthetics has been central to your brand's identity?

    At threeASFOUR we have always been interested in mutation such as mixing crafts with technology and physical with digital. Our evolution has been mainly based on finding new ways of exciting ourselves through allowing multiple challenges to come through for innovation in our handwriting in clothing construction methods. Creative solutions have been our continual companion for navigating this ever changing fashion playground.

    Unity in diversity has been a cornerstone of your philosophy. Could you shed light on how this principle has played a role in shaping your unique design approach, especially as you venture into digital and phygital collections?

    At threeASFOUR we see the human being as an interconnected & interdependent existence within a diverse universal whole… which means we are all United as diverse human beings with different cultures and skin colors; as well as diverse inter-species of animals, insects and plants. Same goes for our environment whether physical or digital, they are inter-related and that opens a huge amount of possibilities. 

    FW23 Couture “Parallel Universe” by @threeasfour x @placebo_dfh

    The transition from "AsFOUR" to "threeASFOUR" signified a significant shift. Could you share the motivations behind this evolution and how it has propelled your exploration of new frontiers?

    ThreeAsFOUR was a wonderful playground of experimentation as a collective community of four individuals that shared everything creating unity through living and working together. threeASFOUR has been a focus on the individual as part of a whole where each of us three got to explore new frontiers of our own vision within the evolution of the threesome / collective. 

    Your designs consistently challenge conventional norms, now extending into the digital landscape. How do you maintain a balance between pushing artistic boundaries and offering wearable pieces for fashion enthusiasts?

    Somehow the artistic and wearable have always been a dance for our team. We are drawn to both, but the artistic boundaries have been guiding the need of offering wearable products. The digital landscape offers threeASFOUR much more possibilities for creative exploration which presents our team with a wider exploration of avatars, textures, colors, patterns and silhouettes. This allows us to have more room to dance between the two realms.

    FW23 Couture “Parallel Universe” by @threeasfour x @placebo_dfh

    Collaboration has been a linchpin of your collective. How do your individual strengths converge to facilitate innovation, especially as you venture into the uncharted territories of digital and phygital fashion?

    Some of us are naturally more drawn to technology and some are to traditional craftsmanship. It’s a matter of letting each of us the freedom and space to bring their ideas to a tangible creation which is usually followed by feedback from the whole group to make that creation a true collaboration of the collective. The collaboration between these two forms of making is what threeASFOUR strives for. In order to bring innovation to the front as a priority there is a need to always be confronted with unknown processes and methods of making.

    Amid an industry characterized by rapid trends, you've chosen a path of deliberate collection launches. What underlying principles guide this approach as you navigate the realms of physical and digital fashion?

    From our experience of 25 years of presenting collections we have come to understand our capacity in terms of what is best possible in the timeline we have to create a collection. Since working in both physical and digital requires more development we have concluded that it is more efficient to do one collection per year. As for the timing of the launch we feel that the early July Paris Couture bracket makes the most sense

    FW23 Couture “Parallel Universe” by @threeasfour x @placebo_dfh

    Material selection has been integral to your design process. Could you elaborate on how you experiment with textiles and materials to achieve your aesthetic vision, particularly in the context of your digital explorations?

    In the context of digital creations and as our first collection, “Ancestors” Fall 2022, aimed to be shown under the bracket of “ Paris Couture” we felt for introducing, along with traditional luxury textiles, precious materials not usually used for garment making such as marble, crystal, chrome and copper metal, which allowed for an unexpected yet familiar couture.

    This material exploration, usually used for architecture, continued in our current collection “Parallel Universe” as accents and accessories and will be also considered as a staple in our future collections.

    Your creations often transcend fashion, bordering on wearable art. How do you view the intersection of fashion and art, and how does this dynamic manifest as you delve into the world of digital aesthetics?

    threeASFOUR has always looked at garments as wearable sculptures that harmonize with human anatomic proportions and respect the function of the human body in motion. Since the possibilities of shape and size of silhouette were endless when we delved into digital garment creation, these house rules of proportion and function have become even more apparent and needed as a core guideline for creating digital fashion.

    FW23 Couture “Parallel Universe” by @threeasfour x @placebo_dfh

    Sustainability is gaining prominence in the fashion sphere. How does threeASFOUR integrate eco-conscious practices into your creative process, especially as you navigate the uncharted waters of digital fashion?

    Digital fashion is automatically linked to sustainability since there is no physical waste. Since threeASFOUR has been exploring multiple ways to implement eco-conscious practices such as repurposing denim and old stock kimonos, digital fashion was an obvious route to add to these practices.

    Looking ahead, your path seems destined to merge further and further with the digital realm. Could you offer a glimpse into the exciting ventures or directions threeASFOUR is embarking on, while staying true to its core philosophy of transformative energies and aesthetics?

    Along with our plans to offer our clientele physical garments and accessories we see a great opening for our brand in the digital world bringing threeASFOUR core items as digital assets to be offered for various virtual worlds from gaming to metaverse experiences, allowing enthusiasts and collectors to integrate threeASFOUR's signature style into their virtual identities and adventures. Our commitment to innovation extends beyond the physical realm, and we look forward to creating unique digital assets that resonate with a wide range of digital communities, providing an immersive and inclusive experience for our audience across both the real and digital worlds.





    Interview by Gloria Maria Cappelletti

    Image courtesy ThreeASFOUR Press office


    FW23 Couture “Parallel Universe” #madebyhuman Parallel universe By @threeasfour x @placebo_dfh
    Photographer: @petros_koy
    Styling: @altorrin
    Makeup and Nails: @clawedbylacreme
    Studio: @manacontemporary Digital pattern technician: @prisoner_shingus
    3D printing: @alessandro_zomparelli
    in collaboration with @stratasys