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  • Date
    15 DECEMBER 2022
    Image by
    Aesthetics, Interviews

    Red-Eye Meets: Sarah Mayer in an Augmented Reality Conversation Through Multiple Tangibilities, and Future Sustainable Lifestyles


    RED-EYE meets digital artist Sarah Mayer with AR being the protagonist of an immersive interview. We dived into a conversation from the roots of Mayer’s blooming artistry and interests in art, fashion, and sustainability, and their co-existence between physical and digital lifestyles. Throughout the interview, Sarah & Danieleverse have both worn the Infinite Snapchat filter from the artist whose augmented realities have reached millions of users globally!

    “As a digital artist in the fashion and Art space, I think in the present and future there will always be digital fashion giving people an option to go even more crazy with their creativity by mixing between the physical and the digital organically”

    Enjoy the full video interview and have a dip into Sarah Mayer’s augmented realms below ;)


    PORTRAITS in collaboration with photographer @leilaabazine




    DISSOLVE ME - in collaboration with electronic musician @evetkoo curated by @natche______ for PROJECTOR


    DARWISH - collaboration with @wagdydarwish



    Double Trouble - in collaboration with Nina Hawkins




    Try Sarah’s Snapchat filters here

    Check Out Samco on Youtube



    words by @danieleverse