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    02 NOVEMBER 2023
    Image by
    Met Amsterdam

    Rik Oostenbroek is Painting the Digital Landscape of Tomorrow

    In the dynamic realm of digital art and design, self-taught individuals frequently emerge as the most luminous stars. One such luminary is Rik Oostenbroek, a Dutch freelance artist, designer, and art director. He personifies the essence of creative ingenuity and self-exploration. Originating from Hilversum, a mere train ride away from Amsterdam, Rik has indelibly carved his mark on the worldwide design stage. With more than a decade of experience as a freelancer, his extensive portfolio extends from Hong Kong to New York, London to Paris, and numerous other global locations. We had the pleasure of conducting an interview with Rik Oostenbroek, and his insights into his craft and the upcoming MET Amsterdam conference are truly enlightening.

    One glance at Rik's body of work, and you're immediately struck by his unique blend of dynamic forms and abstract shapes. He is fluent in various styles of design, showcasing his expertise in graphic design, typography, 3D graphics, art direction, traditional art, illustration, and a mix of photo manipulation and retouching. His willingness to take on new challenges and explore novel forms of expression has solidified his reputation as a versatile creative.

    Rik's journey has taken him far beyond the Netherlands. He has had the opportunity to work at multiple agencies in cities like New York, Montreal, and Los Angeles, expanding his horizons and collaborating with professionals from diverse backgrounds. Notably, he has graced prestigious design events as a guest speaker at OFFF Barcelona, FITC Amsterdam, and Adobe MAX. His talent was further recognized when he earned a spot on the list of the "200 Best Digital Artists 2017-2018" by Lürzer's Archive.

    A recent interview with Rik Oostenbroek provides insight into his background and creative journey. In the interview, he discusses his early foray into digital art, a passion that ignited when he discovered Adobe Photoshop at the age of 14. He delves into the challenges of being self-taught in a pre-YouTube era, where tutorials were scarce, and artists had to rely on their own ingenuity to learn and grow.

    As Rik embarked on his artistic journey, he ventured into personal projects and pursued the world of digital art, becoming a pioneer in the field. However, he faced the inherent constraints of commercial work, where he often felt like a tool in someone else's creative process. It was this realization that led him back to his roots—self-expression and artistic exploration. By focusing on his personal work, he was able to bring his unique style to the forefront, and clients began to seek him out for his distinctive approach to design.

    Rik's interview also highlights his transition into the Web3 space. In the last three years, he has embraced the world of blockchain art, minting his works on platforms like Super Rare. His initial steps into the world of cryptocurrency art were marked by a learning curve, with a friend guiding him through the process. However, it was this new avenue that allowed him to truly embrace his identity as an artist. The blockchain has provided a platform for Rik to share his work and interact with the growing digital art community.

    "Web3 is like an uncharted territory, a new canvas waiting to be painted, and I'm painting my vision of the future."

    As a testament to the power of real-life connections and the significance of events like Met Amsterdam, Rik emphasizes the value of in-person interactions. He fondly recalls his experience at the previous Met Amsterdam conference, where he made new friends and met online acquaintances in the physical world. These connections, he believes, have a depth and authenticity that can be hard to achieve in the purely digital realm.

    "Met Amsterdam is where pixels become people, avatars transform into handshakes, and connections transcend the digital divide. It's a real-life gallery of human connection in a world of screens."

    With a rich background and a keen eye for the future of art and design, Rik Oostenbroek continues to be a driving force in the creative world. His ability to adapt, experiment, and connect underscores the importance of artistic freedom and personal exploration, making him a true trailblazer in the digital landscape. As he prepares for the arrival of his newborn and his participation in Met Amsterdam, we eagerly anticipate his future contributions to the ever-evolving creative space.

    "As I look ahead, I see a canvas that's blank and bursting with possibilities. The arrival of my newborn and my journey through Met Amsterdam are just the first strokes of this new chapter."

    Interview by @danieleverse

    Images courtesy of @rikoostenbroek

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