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    10 FEBRUARY 2023
    Image by

    Submit Your Art: Fashion Film Festival Milano and RED-EYE Metazine Launch Web3 Contest for Digital Fashion Visionaries

    RED-EYE metazine is proud to partner with the Fashion Film Festival Milano for the exciting announcement of the Fashion Film Web3 contest.

    This new award category, "BEST FASHION FILM WEB3", will celebrate the innovative use of web3 technologies in fashion films and will be presented during the 9th edition of the Festival.

    Gloria Maria Cappelletti
    Grimes in "The Last Dance of Life" by Claire Farin for DIDU, FFFM 2022 WINNER - BEST STYLING

    Fashion Film Festival Milano, set to take place during Milan Fashion Week in June 2023, will not only feature physical events and digital encounters, but for the first time ever, will also extend into the Metaverse.

    Our partnership will bring the fashion industry into the digital age and allow for the exploration of new and exciting ways to present fashion in a digital environment, as we will create a screening room in the Metaverse where the world can come together and experience the innovative visions of digital fashion in a truly immersive way.

    No alt text provided for this image
    Still from "Evolver" by Bose Collins, FFFM 2022 WINNER - BEST EXPERIMENTAL FASHION FILM

    The Fashion Film Web3 contest is a call to action for all web3 creators, AI artists, and digital fashion designers worldwide who are pushing the boundaries of fashion film and incorporating web3 technologies in their work. The award recognizes talent in the field of digital fashion and provides a platform for creators to express their vision in new and innovative ways.

    All entries must be submitted via this entry form by midnight, February 20th and will be evaluated by a panel of experts from the fashion and technology industries. The judges will assess the entries based on their originality, creativity, and technical execution and will assign the winning film.

    No alt text provided for this image
    Stills from "The Era of Bosie" by Angie Su, FFFM 2022 NOMINEE - BEST EXPERIMENTAL FASHION FILM

    Don't miss out on this opportunity to showcase your skills and join the forefront of the digital fashion revolution. Submit your fashion film before midnight, February 20th and have your work seen by a global audience and win a prestigious award.

    Web3 creators, AI artists, and digital fashion designers, it's time to let your work shine!

    Submit your fashion film without any cost before midnight, February 20th!!!

    No alt text provided for this image

    Find out more: (Official Website Fashion Film Festival Milano) (Submission form)

    AI-Generated text edited by Gloria Maria Cappelletti, editor in chief, RED-EYE