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    05 SEPTEMBER 2023
    Image by

    The Extraordinary power of human connection, the transformative nature of art, Topic: A PIECE OF CAKE 🍄✨

    Embarking on an extraordinary journey from a small town in Minnesota, nestled in one of America's northern states, Artist Cake Nygard set out to make a lasting impact that would transcend boundaries and touch the lives of others. leaving an indelible mark on the digital and global art community. Join us as we dive into the inspiring tale of Cake Nygard, a visionary artist whose profound artistry and transformative influence have captivated the world.

    Cake Nygard's  journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. His captivating and emotive creations have not only established him as a prominent artist but also cultivated a dedicated community of ardent collectors. Community is key for growth and development, creating a space for innovation and the nurturing of talent. Cake is not someone who only makes art, but an artist who has created a community where other artists and creators can find a free space to develop, grow and innovate. Despite facing significant adversity and hardship, Cake has found solace and support within his collector community, leading to a transformative journey that culminated in the establishment of their own thriving community, and a remarkable personal triumph as a highly successful entrepreneur and artist today. For this tenacious early collector, the profound impact of Cake and his community has been life-changing. Their unwavering ambition to overcome adversity can be directly attributed to the support and inspiration found within Nygard creative space.

    Cake Nygard, bold exploration into the realm of Web3 has solidified his unique artistic legacy. His creations resonate deeply with devoted collectors who are drawn to the boundless imagination and emotional depth conveyed through his art. Exploring the realms of technology, identity, and culture, Nygard's authentic style intertwines mind-bending visuals, portal of colours, and melting shapes of alluring hues. Capturing the imagination, leading viewers on a psychedelic journey, where the boundaries of reality and creativity blend seamlessly, Cake’s hard work and recognition has materialised through exhibitions spanning the globe, with prestigious solo shows held across Europe.

    In conclusion, exploring the captivating world of artist Cake Nygard reveals a visionary talent that transcends traditional artistic boundaries. Through an insightful blend of mediums and a deep-rooted connection to nature and the human experience and bringing others together, Nygard's work emerges as a profound reflection of the human spirit. Their ability to convey complex emotions and universal truths in art that captivates audiences worldwide. Nygard's artistry not only exemplifies technical brilliance but also serves as a poignant reminder of the power of creativity to inspire and heal. Creating a community where other artists can connect with each other and grow. In a world seeking profound expressions of the human realms, Cake Nygard emerges as a luminary, guiding us through an artistic journey that is as enlightening as it is visually breathtaking. As his career continues to flourish, we eagerly anticipate witnessing the continued evolution of this extraordinary artist, for it is artists like Cake Nygard who illuminate our world with their unique and timeless brilliance

    Can you share some insights into your creative process? How do you channel raw talent and emotion into your artwork creations?

    My creative process has definitely changed over the years but I generally work very late at night/early morning. My day usually begins by smoking and walking in circles preferably in a natural setting with no distractions for at least an hour just thinking. This will usually lead to ideas or improvements on rough ideas I may have wanted to accomplish in what I’m working on and then I will usually start sketching or, if I’m working on a specific piece, painting or drawing on that. I usually work on multiple pieces at a time, usually 3-5, which helps to avoid any sort of burnout on a particular piece and allows for a more organic and raw approach as I can jump from piece to piece depending on my mood or ideas I may have. Many times the initial idea I had for a piece is just a rough framework I work under and the final piece often looks nothing what I had imagined in my head.  I’ve tried to embrace allowing the freedom of the process to dictate how I work as opposed to trying to complete some concrete, structured interpretation out of my head, which I’ve found can stifle creativity and the results of letting things flow are usually way more interesting and help me to learn more during the process.

    What role do you believe the power of human connection plays in art? 

    As far as the process goes, in my case, not very much as I don’t really consider the audience when I’m creating pieces. I spent years painting hundreds of paintings that nobody ever saw so I was operating in a sort of vacuum which allowed me the freedom to explore crazy ideas without any judgments. But when it comes to inspiration or subject matter, I think human connection is a big part of it and definitely influences most of what I do and what I’m referring to, just not in an audience/artist relationship sort of way. Web 3 has definitely changed this perspective for me in the last few years as way more people have been exposed to my work and Ive been able to see and hear first-hand how it resonates in different ways with different people which has turned out to be one of the most beautiful things. I still try not to consider the audience when I create because I feel like finding their own interpretations of my work is way more varied and interesting than me trying to cater to their tastes or explain what I’m trying to say. The beauty of it is the different perspectives and I never want to lose that or tell anyone what they should think or feel about a certain piece I make. I don’t like explaining my work or generally even talking about it conceptually, it just doesn’t make sense to me and never has. 

    Have you ever experienced a moment in your life where you felt luck or faith played a significant role in a positive outcome? How did it impact you?

    I don’t really believe in luck or faith in the traditional sense of the words but I definitely feel that having a belief in yourself and what you do through adversity and uncertainty is huge to success or being happy in life. Validation from others or “success” fuels some people, thats never really been the case for me so in that sense, I feel I had to have a certain amount of ”faith” or I guess id rather call it belief that what I was doing was important to me and worth spending  ton of time on even without seeing any results and being almost ridiculed for it. Telling someone you’re an artist when you’re living with your parents in your 30’s tends to get negative feedback and I eventually started to tell people that asked what I did that I did nothing. It was actually liberating to do that and I found it was actually more effective in conversation and carried less of a burden. So I guess essentially my whole journey has been one based in faith and the consistency it fostered created my luck. Also there have been people who’s support along the way I definitely wouldn’t be here without, who helped me out when it was tough, supported me when I was dead broke, and put a roof over my head and continue to support what I do. That definitely allowed me to do what I felt I needed to and I’ll never take that for granted. Their role in all of this is massive and I never want to diminish that.

    Can you share a story of an entrepreneur who took a leap of faith, investing in an artwork, and how it became a turning point in their journey towards success?

    I can say that I’ve had long conversations with some of my collectors/friends and not my work or myself, but rather what they found in themselves through me telling my story has been very interesting and changed how I thought about things. I love when people who I come in contact with end up pursuing their own artistic passions that may have been buried through “real-life” jobs, circumstances, etc. It’s one of the best things to see when someone finally feels the freedom to express themselves again through art they might not have tried since they were a kid.

    Can you tell us anything about your latest projects and what to expect in the future? 

    My latest projects are an attempt to balance vector illustration and traditional painting and experimenting incorporating AI into my process. I think it’s becoming an inevitable reality and I don’t want to be dismissive of something so powerful and crazy. I think exploring new methods and ways of creating has always been part of what I’ve done so it's a natural progression and I’m excited to see where that goes.  I don’t know what to expect in the future and that’s half the fun of it to me

    What is your  approach to the process of creating dynamic compositions that exude motion and vitality in your artwork

    Psilocybin Mushrooms 🍄 

    Interview by Metafari

    Image Courtesy Cake Nygard