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    13 JULY 2023
    Image by

    The Seven Deadly Sins with Beatrice Quinta

    Beatrice Quinta was born as Beatrice Maria Visconti in Palermo, in 1999. Growing up with a great passion for music, Beatrice has always been surrounded by it. She creates her own personal style thanks to the influences of 70s and 80s music. Having moved to Milan around 2020, Beatrice Quinta presents herself at the X Factor 2022 selections showing off an electro-pop style and singing her unpublished song Se $$ o. The singer passes all the selections and enters the team of Dargen D'Amico who takes her up to the live shows.

    We live in a world where we should embrace ‘’the new ways’’ of doing art, music and fashion. We need to untie from the old ways of doing art, explore the new and live in the NOW, because thanks to our NOW moments we can change our vision, even our future. Beatrice Quinta is part of our NOW, a talent with huge potential that is changing the rules in many ways and is shaping the future of music and queer communities. Talking about old times,, Beatrice ’s childhood in Palermo was shaped by the sound of a loud piano played by her mother + David Bowie’s music listened by her father, somewhere in a living room in Palermo, Sicily. RED EYE explores a different side of the   Beatrice, who is a strong supporter of queer community + gay rights that with her presence we immediately perceived a place where the gates of her inner world opened, her soul and her voice descended along a long path inside her and it was immediately a shiver. 

    When Beatrice arrived and entered the studio on that morning of a cool and calm June, she was wearing a simple sporty look and surreal sunglasses. Under her you could perceive her tiredness but she managed not to weigh it down with a big smile on her face. She is preparing for a very important tour, but for this interview, during the make-up session with Daniele Brazzale she answered our questions with a lightness that deeply impressed us.

    We see her as a truly explosive new star, with such a transparent spontaneity that today is rarely found on the Italian art scene. She could become an international star, given that many of the codes of the pop singer Beatrice Quinta follow them on an aesthetic level: blond hair, sincerity, love for the drag queens community and the whole queer world, scenographic costumes that cannot be more voluminous, more original and experimental, decisive make-up alternating with natural looks, as every self-respecting celebrity knows how to do, we saw her natural with her face uncovered during the interview. In short, Beatrice has what it takes to get noticed and we perceived her immediately.

    The love for music was born as a child, with the strong piano played by her mother in the living room, while her father listened to the music of David Bowie. Moments like this that we imagine as if we were looking at a painting and we stand there looking at it, a painting where we see Beatrice growing up among Bowie's spatial sounds and the loud piano played by her mother. She feels lucky to have had such a childhood and to have parents who have always motivated her to embark on an artistic journey.

    On her first trip to Milan she cried in front of the Duomo, and she recalls that her nose bled from how much I cried and how happy she was, revealing to me ''because for me she was the most beautiful thing I've ever had. For me the Duomo is that thing that makes you feel tiny, useless, but sublime, that triggers a certain emotion within you. That moment was pivotal for me. Then I returned to life when I turned 18, even if that period was not a very happy one for me, because I saw Milan as very individualistic and exploiting you so much, in fact my private time there lasted 6 months, for then return to Palermo.''

    Beatrice returned to Milan thanks to one of her friends and this time it was easier because there was also emotional support and all this led her to see the city now as her home. We asked her if she is currently happy. “Yes, I'm focusing on the things I believe in. I am challenging myself. I'm embarking on new territory, with a little bit of excitement and a little bit of joy.” It's an interesting time in my life. It's a transition, for sure.

    We see a certain delicacy and emotionality in Beatrice, despite the fact that she seems like a force of nature and she confirms to us "I am one of the most sensitive people on the planet even if I feel disguised as a tiger". When we ask her how she manages to overcome certain fears or certain mental limits she says "You always have to believe in it" and lately she has been blessing the bad times or the bad people she sometimes meets, but that's okay because this triggers the desire to write in her his songs. "There has been a galaxy of changes." She stops for a moment. “I think I've changed my perspective on the obstacles I face. As soon as I began to see a world made only of beautiful things, I saw the beautiful things in me as well.''

    Speaking that there is a lot of stress in the world of artists, we asked her how important their mental health is, Beatrice still sees important progress in this regard, but at the same time she also perceives so much fear on the part of many musicians of losing an audience and that it becomes difficult sometimes, but that's the job of a musician to ''respect their ideals and make music for the love of those ideals''. As for the independent music industry scene she sees so many opportunities today, but also the fact that there are three times as many people doing what they do today, and sometimes the market can feel saturated. Record companies have changed because today they take on projects that already work and today there is a fear of taking on something new and experimenting, but the music itself hasn't changed because the artist does it anyway. But if the musician understands how to find his own space within the new instruments and new platforms, he can do it: ''I believe that the music revolution in 2023 does not depend on the record companies, not even on the artist's budget, but on what he really means and what his songs and lyrics mean or convey.''

    Beatrice's journey is also important thanks to Dargen D'Amico, but also thanks to her creative team with whom she works constantly. Dargen is extraordinarily confident, deeply engaging and collaborating with him works on many levels and she understood how a love story, a drama, a moment and something else can become a hit song through teamwork. 

    ''Then he respects my emotions, my inspirations and who I am, but also for my unconventional choices such as my image, because I love collaborating with new artists, including those in fashion, especially with schools and emerging creatives, experimentation is important, giving space to the new is important. I don't see the point in wearing a dress that has already been worn by someone else''.

    Talking about her love also for the queer world and gay rights, she confessed that there is no better way for her to fight for all of this than through her music. With music, it is possible to cross surreal boundaries. Every fiber of your body comes alive when you sing and feel close to people who are fighting for their rights today.

    Beatrice and the way she is told is surprisingly magical. For her, a collaboration with her GODMOTHER, Lady Gaga, would be the dream in her drawer, she not only sees her as an artist, but somehow as a person who manages to make you completely forget that she is Lady Gaga, which is not little. But why not, an impeccable chemistry could arise between the two stars, the same chemistry that Beatrice feels with her audience.

    The moments with Beatrice made us fall in love with the way she moved, the lightness with which she posed and the sound of her voice. It was an instant connection, an instant understanding and we see a better future because of her music, because of her strength, but at the same time because of her very own sensibility that she writes songs with.

    Currently on tour, also the pride godmother in Palermo, this interview is also a touching tribute to LGBTQ fans. But together with her, listening to her music we can do more together. And we count ourselves lucky to have her as part of the RED EYE family.