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    20 JANUARY 2023
    Image by

    The YouTube of the Metaverse is here: Discover The Intergalactic tv universe, in a fourth dimensional conversation with founders Ovidius & Daian.

    The concept of Intergalactic TV is what we believe the future Youtube of the metaverse can look like; a Sci-Fi multiverse with an infinite number of possibilities and creative imagination where anyone can upload their otherworldly creations. Television has become a ubiquitous source of information, entertainment, and community for many people around the world. Many people have stopped watching television in favour of online video platforms such as YouTube. However, many television programs are still broadcasted on the Internet via streaming video services such as YouTube TV or Hulu. Essentially, television has gone intergalactic as it transmits to us from remote galaxies on other planets. The idea of a digital multiverse is based on the fact that the digital age has made it possible to create and access far more information than ever before. Essentially, building the Intergalactic TV on the purpose of breaking down the boundaries of creativity, will allow unlimited diversity and artistry to populate infinite universes in the digital space.

    “The intergalactic tv Mulitiverse is like an interdimensional cable where you can see all kinds of Alien beings that you cannot see on any other tv channel.”

    “Basically if we are thinking of the Multiverse, you must take into account that there should be multiple dimensions. Fourth dimensional beings should not interfere with third dimensional beings. It's the law of the multiverse.”

    Co-Founder and Creator Ovidus:

    Ovidiu Cocis aka Romalien is a 28-year-old Visual Effects Artist. Studied 3D Arts, Physics, Game Design, and storytelling. He graduated from the Nordic Multimedia Academy in Kolding, finishing Multimedia & Design. He has a deep passion for simulating life visually and creating parallel dimensions similar to the real world, exploring the depths of human emotion through generating new spaces for people to experience our world through a slightly different lens.

    Co-Founder and Creator Daian:

    He graduated in Entrepreneurship & Design Management at the International Business Academy in Denmark, Daian is a 27 years old Art Director and Digital Artist with a passion for philosophy and sci-fi. His work stems from either visual explorations of sci-fi worlds & characters or visual exploration of dreams and the realm of mythology.

    Article by Metafari

    Image Courtesy of Ovidius & Daian