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  • Date
    09 DECEMBER 2022
    Image by

    This Week’s 20 Fascinating AI Artists


    The world of technology is never short on trending topics, but this year’s one is one of the most intriguing: using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make art.

    An AI art generator is a piece of software that uses recent advances in artificial intelligence to create images from text-based stimuli. Many AI art generators are text-to-image, meaning the rules the artists generate are written prompts. To produce art generated by AI, artists utilize AI as a tool for creativity, and they work with algorithms to establish concrete rules, where machines analyse thousands of images in order to understand specific processes for creating, such as specific styles or aesthetics.

    Here are 20 interesting artists who are using AI in some way or another to create their art:


    Hilary Campilan, “Bored at Home”, 2022, Midjourney


    Fallen Alien, “Erykah Badu”, Midjourney V4, 2022


    Elmo Mistiaen, “Corporate Dystopia Aesthetics”, Midjourney V4, 2022


    Computers Can Dream, Untitled, Midjourney, 2022


    Doopiidoo, Untitled, Midjourney, 2022


    Katsuko Koiso, “Seattle 1994”, Midjourney V4, 2022


    Kindabloop, “Chillin’”, Midjourney, 2022


    Milk Box, “Big day out (slow day at work)”, 2022


    Fake is Real, “Portrait, Bamidele, Senegal”, Midjourney, 2022


    Scott Wetterschneider, “Industrial Aliencore Techwave bands. You probably haven’t heard of them.” AI, 2022


    Prateek Arora, “Rasānauts”, AI, 2022


    Marika D’Auteuil x Illusionary Beauty, “It’s Alien Fashion Week”, AI, 2022


    LightCatAI, “Intergalactic Tilda Fashion”, Midjourney, 2022


    Homo Aliens, “In a Blue Dream (backstage)”, AI, 2022


    Julian Bonequi, Untitled, Midjourney, 2022


    Matilde Medoro, “Summertime”, Midjourney, 2022


    Maison Meta, “1980 Harajuku Street style photography concepts visualized with AI — None of the People or Clothing pieces really exist”, DALL-E 2, 2022


    Vaquera, “A Heavy Metal Xmas”, AI, 2022


    Manufactured Memory, “Gayle would love to stop and chat, but she’s already late for canasta.” Midjourney, 2022


    Paul Fofr, “Mona Lisa at the supermarket checkout”, Midjourney V4, 2022






    AI-Generated text edited by Gloria Maria Cappelletti, editor in chief, RED-EYE